Muizzu is a double-edged sword, here we were hugging each other in Delhi and there an anti-India game is being played in Maldives

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu came to India to attend Modi's swearing-in ceremony and was hoping to improve relations between India and Maldives in the new term. He also spoke to PM Modi and on Monday, Union Minister S Jaishankar held a meeting with Muizzu. When Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu was in India and was talking about enhancing close and historical relations, at the same time a parliamentary committee of his country announced a review of three agreements. These agreements were made with India by former Maldives President and pro-India leader Ibrahim Solih. Now the reason behind this review is being told that the sovereignty of Maldives was allegedly violated in them. Not only this, the live telecast of Modi's swearing-in was also stopped there. According to local media reports of Maldives, MP Ahmed Ajan said that the National Security Service Committee of Parliament has decided to conduct a parliamentary inquiry to investigate the actions taken by Solih's administration that undermine the sovereignty and independence of Maldives. Ajan proposed launching a parliamentary inquiry and alleged that the actions of the previous government had affected the country's independence and sovereignty. Muizzu's government had announced last year that it would not renew an agreement with the Indian Navy for joint hydrographic surveys in Maldivian waters.

Even though Maldives President Mohammad Muizzu was in India, the Maldives government's hatred for India does not seem to be decreasing. Muizzu came to India to attend Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony. Before coming to the swearing-in ceremony, Muizzu said that it would be an honour for him to attend Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony. There is hope of improvement in relations between India and Maldives in the new term of the Modi government. On one hand there was talk of improvement in relations, on the other hand, Maldives' government broadcaster Public Service Media cancelled the live telecast of Modi's swearing-in ceremony at the last moment.

This was Muizzu's first visit to India after becoming the President of Maldives on 17 November last year. Muizzu's stance is pro-China. There was a lot of tension in the relations between India and Maldives since he assumed the post of President of Maldives. Just a few hours after taking oath, he demanded the withdrawal of Indian military personnel from his country. Earlier this month, civilians were deployed in place of Indian military personnel. Muizzu's invitation to attend the swearing-in ceremony and then his visit to Delhi was considered important in view of the recent tense relations between India and Maldives. But it seems that the tense relations will not be completely fine soon.

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