Monali Thakur was mistreated in a concert, the singer got angry when the man made an objectionable comment

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Singer and actress Monali Thakur was recently misbehaved with in a concert, which made her angry. Monali Thakur got so angry that she stopped the concert midway and scolded the person who misbehaved. During the concert, a person standing in the crowd commented on Monali Thakur's private part. This infuriated Monali Thakur. According to a report in 'Dainik Bhaskar', Monali Thakur had come to perform at Sage University in Bhopal on Saturday, June 29. There were college kids and a huge crowd in the concert. But then Monali suddenly stopped the concert. Then she said something to her team and got angry.

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A comment was made on her private part, Monali got angry and said this

Monali Thakur pointed towards a man standing in the crowd and said that he commented on her private parts. She called it sexual harassment and said that some people make comments while hiding in the crowd. Then Monali told that man that you are very young and one should not say such things about anyone. Monali Thakur said that she wanted to raise her voice on this issue and hence she spoke when she got the chance.

The person said- he praised the dance moves

After this, when the matter calmed down, Monali Thakur's concert resumed and the singer started singing again. At the same time, the man clarified the matter and said that he had only commented on Monali's dance moves and did not say anything objectionable.

Monali Thakur has given hit songs

Monali Thakur is a National Award-winning singer and has sung many hit songs including 'Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage', 'Saawar Loon' and 'Zara Zara Touch Me'. She has also judged many singing reality shows.

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