Modi will attack China on the pretext of FDI in Italy, understand India's complete plan in G7 summit

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi has reached Italy to attend the G-7 summit. This is his first foreign visit of his third term. Apart from attending the G-7 summit, Modi will also meet Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni and US President Joe Biden separately. The conference will discuss India's rapid economic growth and investment (FDI) opportunities for other countries as an alternative to China, as well as important topics like the Indo-Pacific region, Africa, climate change, migration and Artificial Intelligence (AI).Grand gathering of these countries in G7
Not only G-7 countries but representatives of developing countries, European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) have also been included in this conference. Solutions to global challenges will be found together on this platform. Along with this, the countries holding the current, previous and upcoming presidency of the G-20 group (India, Brazil and South Africa) have also been invited to this conference.

India's economic leap
Leading the world's largest and most populous democracy, Prime Minister Modi's India has now become the world's fifth largest economy, surpassing Britain, France, Italy and Canada. India's presence at the G7 summit is proof that India is a strong democracy, and the recent strong election results are proof that democracy is weakening.

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Role in the Global South
Modi's invitation to the G-7 summit recognises India's growing influence as a voice raising issues of the global South. It is an opportunity for the Prime Minister to showcase India's achievements in the areas of health, housing, education and sanitation, as well as the impact of infrastructure development, connectivity, entrepreneurship, gender equality and direct benefit transfer schemes. This will generate global interest in India's strong digital infrastructure.

Ahead in climate

India is the only G20 country that has fulfilled all its COP15 promises. This reflects Prime Minister Modi's commitment to green growth and energy transition, as well as promoting sustainable lifestyles through LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment). India's National Green Hydrogen Mission will be showcased at the G7 meetings and the Global Biofuel Alliance will also be promoted with other countries, including Italy.

Reform the United Nations
During India’s G20 presidency, Prime Minister Modi played a leading role in involving the African Union (AU). He aimed to expand the United Nations Security Council and reform global financial institutions keeping in mind Africa’s economic challenges post-Covid.

China Competition
Major concerns were raised about China's non-market policies at the G7 Hiroshima Summit in 2023. This led to a renewed focus on strengthening and reducing risks in supply chains, preventing illegal technology transfers, and addressing the lack of data transparency. As an emerging economic power, India offers a stable and democratic alternative to global trade and investment, making India an attractive destination for business and development.

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