Modi took a dig at Sonia Gandhi by referring to 'remote control', on which issue did the opposition MPs walk out?

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Modi took a dig at Sonia Gandhi by referring to 'remote control', on which issue did the opposition MPs walk out?

New Delhi: After Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister is in the same style Narendra Modi When the Prime Minister was responding to the discussion, the first thing that the opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge did was to ask the Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar for permission to say something. After not getting this permission from the Chair, the opposition members started sloganeering. When PM Modi continued his speech even amidst their sloganeering, the Congress and opposition MPs walked out of the Rajya Sabha.

Accustomed to running the government through remote control
PM Modi said that there are some people who are used to running the government on autopilot and remote control, they do not believe in working. When the opposition members started leaving the House, Modi said that the country is seeing that those who spread lies do not even have the strength to listen to the truth. They do not have the courage to listen to the answers to the questions raised by them.

The opposition is insulting the Upper House. The people of the country have defeated them in every way that now they have nothing left except shouting and screaming on the streets. Sloganeering, uproar and running away… this is what is written in their fate.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

10 years completed, 20 years still left
He said that the government has completed 10 years, there are still 20 years left. Attempts are being made to deny the decision of the people of the country. PM Modi said that he was surprised to see how some people opposing the Constitution Day kept waving the copy of the Constitution in Parliament recently. PM Modi said that I remember the time when I said in the Lok Sabha that we will celebrate 26 November as Constitution Day. I wonder whether those who are now jumping around with the copy of the Constitution, had objected to it then and what did they say, 26 January is Constitution Day?

Prime Minister Modi mentioned the emergency

The Prime Minister said that people voted for the NDA because they know that only we can protect the Constitution. PM Modi further said that our Constitution works like a lighthouse, which gives us direction. Its spirit and its words are also very valuable to us. Modi also said that the word Constitution does not suit the Congress and he referred to the constitutional amendments made during the Emergency. He said that the Congress is the biggest opponent of the Constitution.

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