Modi government in action before the budget, PM gave these special instructions to the officials in the meeting

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The third term of the Modi government has begun and a special plan has been prepared for the first 100 days. From developing metrics to encourage competition among states in governance reforms to the need to identify and launch an impactful project during the first 100 days, from promoting women leadership to making ministries' websites more user-friendly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given 16-point instructions to the secretaries of the Center. According to sources, the Prime Minister gave these instructions during a conversation with the secretaries on June 29. This was his first conversation in the third term of the NDA government. Two days after this conversation, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba wrote a letter to all the secretaries and asked them to immediately start action based on these instructions.

There may be a special announcement in the budget

The Prime Minister has asked all the central ministries to plan webinars after the budget. This instruction is important because the NDA government is going to present the first full budget in its third term on July 23 this month. In her address to Parliament on June 27, President Draupadi Murmu had said that this budget will see many historic steps along with major economic and social decisions.

Government's emphasis on 100 days agenda

Before announcing the schedule for the 2024 general elections, Prime Minister Modi chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers on March 3 and discussed the 100-day action plan to be implemented by the new government after the elections. The government is back and now all focus is on this 100-day agenda.

What was said in the instructions given to the secretaries
The Prime Minister has directed the secretaries to coordinate between the National Service Scheme (NSS), National Cadet Corps (NCC), Bharat Scouts and Guides and provide ample opportunities to the youth in 'nation building'. Another directive also mandates the task of studying the impact of Jal Jeevan Mission on the lives of citizens and ministries to implement 'qualitative improvements' in their grievance redressal systems. This will make them more 'sensitive, accessible and meaningful'.

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