Mirzapur 3 has become a zoo, the lion looked lethargic, spent the last 10 episodes in pursuit of the throne

Ronit Kawale
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Bhaukaal, power, respect, control… The Dabangs of Mirzapur want all this. But what do the audience want? Have you thought about this? The first season was riotous, the second season was also riotous, but after watching the third season, I felt – what nonsense is this. I mean, what have the makers done this time? Well, you are right. Some people go crazy after getting name and fame. The same has happened with the makers of Mirzapur Season 3 this time. I took out time to watch this series of 10 episodes. After watching it, I was completely disappointed. What a crap this season was. I swear. I was very much waiting for the series Mirzapur 3, written by Avinash Singh Tomar and directed by Gurmeet Singh. Not only me. All those people of the country who watched it and liked the last two seasons a lot. But what did we get. It is said that the fruit of patience is sweet, but this turned out to be so bitter that it felt like vomiting. The most important person in the series was Kaleen Bhaiya. But he was made a pony. Kulbhushan Kharbanda had worked more than him in two seasons. But this time the makers made Pankaj Tripathi a complete dumb doll.

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Kaleen bhaiya is a failure, Guddu bhaiya is lazy

On the other hand, Guddu Pandit wants the throne but not the power. On the contrary, his love affair with Golu was shown in the end, after watching which my head got dizzy. From the beginning till the end, it seemed that now Kaleen Bhaiya will wake up and come. Now he will wake up and create havoc. But he turned out to be worse than his father. By the time he woke up in the end, the series was over. There was Robin as a gentleman, whose death was shown so brutally that I swear by Munna Bhaiya, I vomited on the screen itself.

The queens of Mirzapur also faded

Beena Tripathi, Radhiya, Madhuri Yadav, Dimpy, Zarina… these characters also disappointed a lot this time. It seemed that this time they would do something different. But compared to season 2, they did nothing special. What did the makers want? Only they know. They have just completed the formalities. Sharad Shukla, who got Lala killed, was finally thrown out. Bhaiya, will we only see the fight between Kaleen vs Guddu in the fourth season?

mirzapur 3

I don't want a fifth season after the fourth season

We just want to say that you have displayed all your skills. The audience is upset with the mess you have made in the name of the third season. Now we hope that you will keep the fourth season the same as the fourth. That is, very short. And after that we request with folded hands that do not have any hope for the fifth because this time you have disappointed crores of people, after which there is not much craze left for the fourth. You serve violence and obscenity in abundance in this series. Just be kind enough to not bring the fifth.

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