Minister of exiled East Turkistan government calls for global action against Uighur genocide at Berlin event

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale - Senior Editor
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Saleh Hudayar, Foreign and Security Minister of the East Turkistan Government in Exile, participated in a panel discussion organized by the World Citizens Court on Sunday.

The panel, which was part of the China Tribunal, spoke on the ongoing Uyghur genocide. In his speech, Hudayar highlighted the root causes of the genocide and blamed the Chinese occupation and colonisation of East Turkistan for it.

He outlined the region's long history of independence and detailed the key events that led to the current crisis. Hudayar also criticised China's portrayal of the general situation in East Turkistan, calling it “completely untrue”.

He pointed to recent actions by the Chinese government, saying “Just yesterday, Ma Xingrui, the Chinese Communist Party Secretary in East Turkistan, oversaw a joint military and police exercise involving several thousand Chinese military and police to carry out high-intensity crackdowns against Uighur and Turkic people.”

“The root of this issue, this ongoing genocide, is colonialism,” Hudayar said.

“We believe this is simply due to Chinese occupation and colonisation. East Turkistan is the historical homeland of the Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Turkic peoples. Today, the Chinese make up only 40 percent of the population, while Uighurs, Turks and others make up less than 60 percent. China began to intensify its colonisation and genocide, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Hudayar called on governments and institutions around the world to uphold their commitments to human rights, freedom, democracy and self-determination. He stressed the need for meaningful action to hold China accountable and end its ongoing campaign of colonisation, genocide and occupation in East Turkistan.

The panel discussion highlighted the urgent need for international intervention and support to address the human rights violations taking place in East Turkistan and called on the global community to take a strong stand against these atrocities.

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