Microsoft shut down Cortana apps, also shocked the users of Teams app

Ronit Kawale
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Microsoft has recently announced the discontinuation of its digital assistant, Cortana, on Windows 11, following its earlier removal from iOS and Android platforms. Cortana will no longer be available as a standalone app in Windows, and by the end of 2023, Cortana support will cease to function in Teams Mobile, Microsoft Teams Display, and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

In an update, Microsoft stated, “Cortana will be available in Outlook Mobile,” while acknowledging that this change may impact users’ work routines. However, the company assured users that there are new and exciting ways to receive assistance with tasks, calendars, email, and more.

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Cortana has faced challenges in competing with rivals such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella conceded in 2019 that Cortana was falling behind its competitors.

Microsoft is introducing a new feature called “Voice Access” in Windows 11, which allows users to control their PCs and compose text using voice commands. This feature enables users to open and switch between apps, browse the web, and read and write emails through voice commands.

Cortana has had a journey as Microsoft’s virtual digital assistant, initially created for Windows Phone in 2014 and later integrated into Windows 10 in 2015. In late 2015, it was extended to iOS and Android platforms.

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