Michael Jackson had a debt of billions of rupees! Shocking revelation made 15 years after his death

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Michael Jackson had a debt of billions of rupees! Shocking revelation made 15 years after his death

Who doesn't know Michael Jackson! He was famous all over the world. His songs and unique dance made him the 'King of Pop'. The death of the person for whom millions of people were ready to die, shocked everyone. In the year 2009, at the age of just 50, he said goodbye to everyone. Now, 15 years after his death, a shocking revelation has been made. Recently, new court documents have revealed that Michael was in debt of more than $ 500 million at the time of his death. According to the report, the executors of Michael Jackson's estate filed a file on June 21, giving detailed information about the financial troubles faced by the 13-time Grammy Award winning singer at the time of his death. The filing in the Los Angeles County Superior Court revealed that he was in debt of more than $ 500 million.

Michael Jackson's biopic is being made, you will have to wait for a year, shocking secrets will be revealed!
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Michael was about to perform live concerts in several cities

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When Michael Jackson died, he was about to do the 'This Is It' concert tour. In connection with this tour, he was going to perform live shows in cities like London, Paris, New York and Mumbai. It is believed that Michael's personal physician Conrad Murray gave him such lethal medicines, due to which he died of a heart attack. Conrad was convicted of murder in this case.

Michael's tour suffers setback

According to court filings, Michael Jackson's estate has suffered financial losses of about $40 million due to 'This Is It' promoter AEG. Before his death, Michael was also facing lawsuits in several US states. Creditors had filed more than 65 claims against the singer. However, many of the cases were later said to have been resolved.

Michael Jackson's net worth

Michael Jackson's total wealth is said to be Rs 4442 crore. Documents show that he has spent most of his money on jewellery, furniture, gifts, travel and charity. He married Lisa Marie Presley in 1994. After divorcing her in 1996, he married Debbie Rowe for the second time, which lasted until 2000. Michael has three children – Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson and Biggie Jackson. The children's expenses are met from Michael's fund.

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