Mercedes Benz EV India Extends Its EV Charging Network to Users of Other Brands

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale  - Senior Editor
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Mercedes Benz EV India, the company that makes fancy German cars, has some big news. They are making it easier for people in India to use electric cars. They have a special network of charging stations for electric cars, and they’re letting people who own other brands of electric cars use them too. This will help more people in India switch to electric cars.

They’ve also just launched a fancy electric SUV called EQE 500 4MATIC, and it costs about 1.39 crore rupees. They opened a special place called a ‘Customer Experience Centre’ in Pune too.

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Mercedes-Benz wants to help everyone in India who owns an electric car. They have the biggest network of charging stations for luxury cars, with 140 chargers. Some of these chargers are really fast.

They’re not keeping this network just for their own customers. They want all electric car owners, no matter what brand they have, to be able to use their charging stations. This will make it easier and faster for people to charge their electric cars.

They even made an app with a company called Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India. This app lets electric car owners find even more charging stations across India. Anyone, whether they have a Mercedes or not, can use this app.

The Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz India, Santosh Iyer, said that this move will help more people in India start driving electric cars.

They also talked about the new electric SUV they launched, EQE 500 4MATIC. It comes with a great warranty for the battery and only needs servicing every two years.

Mercedes Benz EV India also opened a special place called a ‘Customer Experience Centre’ in Pune. This place will do lots of things, like giving personalized advice to customers and hosting events for important customers.

So, Mercedes-Benz is making it easier for everyone in India to drive electric cars, and they have some new fancy electric cars for people to enjoy.

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