Mayawati had sent a plane to get shoes, America's crime was revealed through the video, Assange had revealed such secrets

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New Delhi: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who exposed the world's dark deeds, was released from London jail on Tuesday. Assange, who accused the US of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, was accused of espionage. It is being told that the US bowed down to 52-year-old Assange and made a deal with him, after which his release became possible. In this agreement, he has admitted to spying for the US. After accepting the charge, Assange will be sentenced to 62 months i.e. 5 years and 2 months in jail. However, Assange has spent about five years i.e. 1901 days in a British jail, so his sentence can be considered complete. After this, he can return to his homeland Australia. Will Assange again expose countries like the US?

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When Assange said- Mayawati wants to become PM

Assange's website WikiLeaks had described former UP CM Mayawati as dictator and corrupt in 2011. In the cable released on 23 October 2008, it was said that whenever Mayawati needed, she would send an empty private plane to Mumbai to bring the sandals of her choice. It was also said in the disclosure that Mayawati wants to become the Prime Minister.

Mayawati fears getting poison in her food

Mayawati always fears for her life. According to the cable, Mayawati fears that someone might mix poison in her food. That is why she has appointed food testers. An employee tastes her food before she eats it. The cooks who prepare food in Mayawati's kitchen are also kept under surveillance.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange released after 5 years, came out of jail after a deal with the US government

Kamal Nath had informed America about the nuclear deal

Mayawati had built a private road from her residence to the CM office. She gets the road washed before going to the office. WikiLeaks had also revealed that former Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath had given important information related to the nuclear deal to America in 1976. There was a lot of uproar in India after such reports.

…he could have been sentenced to 175 years in prison

Assange is accused of leaking secret US military documents in 2010-11, in which he and NATO were accused of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. At that time, the US considered Assange its enemy and declared him a most wanted criminal. In 2019, the US Federal Grand Jury convicted Assange on 18 counts. He could have been sentenced to 175 years in these cases. Now since Assange has admitted to spying, he will be sentenced to only about 5 years.

Presswire18 TimesJulian Assange and the US reached an agreement, he was released after being convicted, the most controversial case ended

Accused of Russia helping in US presidential election

In 2020, a US Senate report said that Russia had helped Republican candidate Donald Trump win the 2016 US presidential election. Assange's WikiLeaks was used for this. However, Trump has always called this report false. At the same time, Russia also denied interfering in the US election. WikiLeaks published thousands of emails of the campaign chairman of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Why did America consider Julian Assange a threat to itself?

Assange was born in 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. In the 90s, he was so fond of computers that he was considered one of Australia's well-known hackers. He founded WikiLeaks in 2006. With the help of a former American soldier Chelsea Manning, he exposed America's shameful actions in the Iraq War. One of these was a 2007 video in which US Army Apache helicopters attacked Iraq's capital Baghdad. 11 people, including two journalists of a reputed news agency, were killed in this attack.

Assange WikiLeaks

The US government investigated Manning and sent her to jail

When this video surfaced, the whole world started criticizing America. The US government immediately started an investigation against Manning and put him in jail on charges of leaking confidential information. He was sentenced to 35 years. However, later the then US President Barack Obama pardoned Manning and acquitted him from the punishment.

2.5 lakh diplomatic cables created a big problem for America

In November 2010, WikiLeaks released 2.5 lakh US diplomatic cables, which caused a stir in the whole world. At that time, Assange was considered a hero all over the world for exposing America's activities.

What is the significance of the deal behind the release

Assange's agreement with the Joe Biden government of America has many implications. Now Assange will have to appear before the US Federal Court in the Northern Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean under the Espionage Act. Assange will confess the crime of spying on America before this court. Assange's extradition case will be withdrawn and no further charges will be filed against him.

Why will Assange's case be heard on this island?

Actually, this hearing is taking place in Sapien, the capital of Northern Mariana Island, because he refused to go to America. This place comes under the jurisdiction of America, but Australia is close from here, which is Assange's country. Assange will be sentenced to 5 years in this case. Since he has already spent 5 years in jail, he will be legally acquitted and will be able to go back to his country.

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