Mandira Bedi was not allowed to read people's comments, said- they stopped all this for me

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Mandira Bedi was not allowed to read people's comments, said- they stopped all this for me

After starring in films and TV shows, Mandira Bedi was appointed as the first female cricket presenter, which earned her a place in the sports community. Now, in an interview, the actress revealed that she was criticised for hosting and was also asked to stay away from social media to avoid negativity. In an interview with 'Curly Tales', Mandira Bedi revealed that she got the anchoring job because of being 'in the right place at the right time'. She was appointed as the first female cricket presenter by Sony for the World Cup in 2003. But becoming a sports presenter negatively affected her acting career. Mandira revealed that she was not allowed to read people's comments.

Mandira Bedi not allowed to read comments

Recalling the past, he said, 'At that time we did not have social media, where you could see people's comments. We had the internet, but not like today. Sony kept me away from all this. They said, you are not allowed to know what people are saying. They blocked all this for me. What I have learned from my time in cricket is that in life there will be people who will like you and then there will be people in life who will not like you. So be grateful to those who like you and don't try to please those who don't like you.'

Mandira Bedi went to Sri Lanka to watch cricket

Talking about the beginning of her journey in the sports world, Mandira said, 'In the year 2002, India defeated England and made it to the semi-finals of a tournament called the Champions Trophy… Now, since I love cricket, I decided to go to Sri Lanka to watch the match. So, I booked a ticket for myself and reached there.' She told that the people from Sony were curious to know why she spent her own money to attend the tournament, because 'at that time, they were calling celebrities to watch cricket, and the actress had it in her mind that she is a person who really loves cricket.

Acting offers stopped coming

As she became famous as a host, she stopped getting acting offers. Mandira said that she started getting offers for anchoring and MC jobs because everyone had forgotten that she was an actor. She had worked as an actor for eight years before starting hosting. She used to tell people, 'You have forgotten, but I know acting, I am an actor. I started my career as an actor.'

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