Mandira Bedi expressed her pain 3 years after the death of her husband Raj Kaushal, said – I will mourn for him all my life

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Mandira Bedi, who became famous with TV's 'Shanti', is not just an actor. But she has also done commentary during cricket matches. She is also a great host. She lost her husband Raj Kaushal forever in 2021. Three years have passed since this incident but she has still not recovered from it. She has talked about this in the latest interview. She says that the first year after her husband's death was the most difficult time for her. In an interview to 'Humans of Bombay', Mandira Bedi told that the first year was the most difficult, but things got better in the year after that. 'Of course, my children and I think about him every day. It is not that we have forgotten him. The first year was very, very, very, very difficult. First birthday, first anniversary, first Diwali, first Christmas, first New Year. The second is a little easier, the third is a little easier…'

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Mandira Bedi misses Raj Kaushal

Mandira admitted that she is trying to move on now. She said that there are times when she remembers Raj Kaushal because of a song. She also took therapy which she needed. Now she can just talk about it. It makes her emotional but she can talk. There was a time when she couldn't cry. But now she doesn't want to cry. She started working just two months after her husband's death. She took care of herself and the family. She did all this for her children.

Mandira Bedi can't listen to Kishore Kumar's song

Mandira also revealed that Raj's car has been with her for the last six years. And she cannot even think of leaving it. She said that she is keeping it with her for emotional reasons and will probably cry when she sells it. Although she has overcome this grief to a great extent, she will mourn the departure of her husband for the rest of her life. She will remain sad for her husband. According to the actress, one thing that she cannot do even after three years is listening to Kishore Kumar's songs. Because Raj loved him very much and he used to listen to them.

Raj Kaushal and Mandira Bedi's marriage and children

Raj was a filmmaker who directed several films including 'Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi' and 'Shaadi Ke Laddoo'. He died of a heart attack on June 30, 2021. Raj and Mandira married in 1999 and welcomed their first child, son Veer, in 2011. In 2020, they adopted their second child, four-year-old daughter Tara.

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