Mammootty’s Stellar Performance Lifts ‘Bramayugam,’ a Thoughtful Exploration of Unrestricted Power

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale  - Senior Editor
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In the latest offering from director Rahul Sadasivan, ‘Bramayugam,’ Mammootty’s compelling performance takes center stage, transforming a somewhat average film into a contemplative exploration of the consequences of unchecked power.

The narrative unfolds in an eerie old ‘mana’ governed by Kodumon Potty, played by Mammootty. The dwelling seems to engulf those who enter, akin to a black hole, with no one ever emerging. Potty, secluded from the outside world, challenges a newcomer, portrayed by Arjun Ashokan, to a game of dice where time itself becomes the stake. The film immerses viewers in this timeless realm, evoking a sense of vulnerability under Potty’s malevolent gaze.

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While expectations fueled by Sadasivan’s previous horror film, ‘Bhoothakalam,’ may have anticipated a similar treatment in ‘Bramayugam,’ this film takes a different route as a fantasy mystery with sporadic eerie moments. The appearance of supernatural entities adds little, emphasizing the unseen as more terrifying. Mammootty’s portrayal of Potty, marked by an evil laugh and a deep-throated voice, stands out, showcasing a departure from his typical roles.

The decision to film the entire story in black-and-white enhances the movie’s atmosphere, transporting viewers to the primitive 17th century setting. This aesthetic choice eliminates distracting colors, contributing to the film’s overall eerie mood within the dilapidated mansion. The minimalist approach extends to the narrative, focusing primarily on the three main characters.

Despite a few weaknesses in the writing, Shehnad Jalal’s cinematography, Christo Xavier’s music, and the art department compensate to some extent. While the storyline may not introduce anything groundbreaking, the film’s atmosphere and treatment redeem it, with a notable disorienting and claustrophobia-inducing sequence towards the end.

‘Bramayugam’ rises above its flaws as it evolves into a meditation on the repercussions of unquestioned power, exposing the darker side of individuals, even those with good intentions. This tale from another era resonates with the present, offering audiences a thought-provoking cinematic experience.

‘Bramayugam’ is currently showing in theaters.

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Rating by Ronit Kawale 4 out of 5
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