Malaika left her 19 year old marriage and fell in love with a 12 year younger boy, a love story began and she learnt a lesson

Ananya Shroff
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Nowadays, people's thinking about marriage has not changed completely but some changes have been seen in it, which includes changes like women marrying men younger than them. Changing this thinking, Malaika Arora left her 19-year-old marriage and chose actor Arjun Kapoor, 12 years younger than her, as her life partner.

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor's love story has always been a topic of discussion in Bollywood. Despite the huge age difference, this couple, who maintains their relationship strongly, teaches many people a lesson. But is it right to marry or be in a relationship with a boy younger than you? Are there any benefits of this? (Photo courtesy: Instagram @malaikaaroraofficial)

Such is the love story of Malaika and Arjun

After the divorce from Arbaaz, Malaika and Arjun's meetings increased a lot and both were spotted together at many places. On Arjun's 34th birthday, Malaika confirmed the relationship by posting a photo with Arjun on her Instagram. It is generally said that young boys are immature and one should not get into a relationship with them, but this couple proved all such things wrong.

These actresses also married younger boys

Not only Malaika-Arjun, there are other actresses in Bollywood who have married boys younger than them. The first name among them is Priyanka Chopra, who married Nick Jonas who is 10 years younger than her. Neha Dhupia is also older than her husband, but there is only a year difference between them.

If we talk about the relationship of these three, then their relationship is going very well. This shows that if the partners are sensible and mature, then age difference is not a big problem in marriage. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @priyankachopra, @nehadhupia)

You get an active and mature partner

You get an active and mature partner

It is often said that men mature a little later, but it is not necessary that this happens every time. There are some boys who may be younger in age, but they know more than their older wives. In such a situation, if you marry a younger boy, you get a partner who is active in every work and believes in doing the work today and now instead of leaving it for tomorrow.

You move with the times

You move with the times

If there is a big age difference between the girl and the boy, then the advantage is that the wife can learn and explore new things with her younger partner, which she has not done before. Also, every new thing can play an important role in strengthening the bonding of both.

there is no ego clash

there is no ego clash

It is a funny and important thing that boys listen carefully to the older woman, in such a case if that girl is his wife then there is no other issue left. When one person is the speaker and the other is the listener and hears everything then there is less chance of ego clash.

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