Make in India is a wonder, Army gets its first suicide drone, know its features

Ananya Shroff
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Make in India is a wonder, Army gets its first suicide drone, know its features

New Delhi : The Indian Army has got its first indigenous man-portable suicide drone. With the arrival of these suicide drones, soldiers can now target the enemy without risking their lives. These drones have been designed to accurately target enemy training camps, launch pads and infiltrators. According to sources, the army has received the first consignment of Nagastra 1 loitering munition, popularly known as suicide drones. If we look at the specialty of these drones, they also have the ability to attack across the border if needed. The army had ordered the drones using emergency procurement powers.

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This drone will definitely increase the tension between Pakistan and China

These suicide drones were ordered to meet the immediate needs during surveillance on both the borders of neighboring countries Pakistan and China. Not only this, it was handed over to the Indian Army within a year of the order. If we look at the special features of this drone, then it can work in high altitude areas even at high temperatures. Designed and developed completely in India by Economic Explosives Limited (EEL), these drones are capable of accurately targeting the target. Equipped with GPS technology, these drones can target targets up to a range of about 30 kilometers with an accuracy of 2 meters.

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Know how Nagastra-1 will work

It is designed for infantry soldiers. The drone has low noise and electric propulsion which makes it a silent killer. It can be used against a variety of soft skin targets. Unlike conventional missiles and precision weapons, it is a low-cost weapon that can be used to target groups of terrorists infiltrating the border. Another feature of this drone is the parachute recovery mechanism, which can bring back the ammunition if the mission is aborted. In such a situation, it can be used many times.

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First indigenously developed man-portable suicide drone

Similar systems are being used extensively in the current conflict as well. This was particularly seen in the Ukraine-Russia war and the clash between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Indian armed forces had acquired similar systems from foreign vendors in the first round of emergency procurement, although at a very high price at that time. More than 75 per cent indigenous content has been used in the Nagstra 1, which has reduced dependence on foreign sources. Due to this, its cost has come down when it comes to the scale of production. This technology can play an important role in the export of ammunition to India's friendly countries. This is because they are looking for similar solutions. The Indian armed forces have been investing in standoff weapons for the last two years. Some of these can operate deep inside enemy territory. Our entire focus is to buy all such systems from the domestic industry and avoid all kinds of imports.

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