Low level personal attack… EC strict on former judge who made derogatory comments on Mamata, what action was taken?

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New Delhi: The Election Commission has taken a strict decision on Tuesday regarding the controversial remarks made against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The Commission banned former Calcutta High Court judge and BJP candidate Abhijit Gangopadhyay from campaigning for 24 hours. In its order, the Commission asked BJP National President JP Nadda to issue an advisory to all the candidates and campaigners on behalf of the party to ensure that such a mistake is not repeated. The Election Commission termed Gangopadhyay's comment as a 'low level personal attack' and said it was a violation of the model code of conduct. The Election Commission has warned BJP candidate from Tamluk, Gangopadhyay, to refrain from making public statements during the election campaign. Be alert during this time. Referring to Gangopadhyay's comments on Banerjee, the Election Commission said, 'It is sad to say that such indecent words were used by Gangopadhyay who is educated and has a professional background. Therefore he is not entitled to any benefit of doubt. The Election Commission had issued a show cause notice to Gangopadhyay over his alleged 'derogatory' remarks against Banerjee, to which he had filed a reply on Monday. The Commission said in the order, 'The Commission has carefully read the material and statements given in the above reply of Abhijit Gangopadhyay and has re-looked at the given statement. The Commission believes that he has committed a low level personal attack and thereby violated the provisions of the Model Code of Conduct. “Therefore, the Commission strongly condemns Gangopadhyay for the above misconduct and bars him from campaigning for 24 hours from 5 pm on May 21.”

What did the Election Commission comment?

The Election Commission said that as per rules, criticism of other parties by a leader should be limited to his policies and programmes, past record and work and 'refrain from criticizing all aspects of personal life which are in the interest of a leader or worker. Could be.' Of other parties. Not associated with public activities. Criticism of other parties or their workers on the basis of baseless allegations or distortion should also be avoided, the order said.

EC took action on the complaint of Trinamool Congress

The Election Commission has taken this action on the complaint of Trinamool Congress. The Trinamool Congress had objected to the statement made by Gangopadhyay while addressing a public meeting in Haldia on May 15. In its order, the Commission told Nadda, 'The Commission advises you to issue an advisory to all the candidates and campaigners on behalf of the party. To ensure that such a mistake does not happen again during the election campaign. On the instructions of the Election Commission, BJP spokesperson Samit Bhattacharya said that the party accepts the decision but the question is why the Commission does not take any action when the opposition leaders verbally attack the Prime Minister and other BJP leaders.

The matter is gaining momentum

Bhattacharya said, 'I would ask the Election Commission to keep its eyes and ears open… The way the Commission has maintained silence on those matters, I think it should consult an ENT (eye, nose and throat) specialist. AIIMS, New Delhi is not far from this (Commission's office). The BJP spokesperson said that the Trinamool Congress presented the whole matter to the Commission in a wrong manner. He said that the former judge is highly educated who can never insult any woman. Abhijit Gangopadhyay joined the BJP after resigning from the Calcutta High Court on March 7.

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