LokSabha Election Result 2024: What happened to the claims of Prashant Kishore and Yogendra Yadav regarding the Lok Sabha election results?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Counting of votes is going on in 543 seats in the Lok Sabha elections so far. In the counting of votes so far, the NDA alliance seems to be ahead of the majority figure of 272. If the trends till the time of writing the news are to be believed, the NDA alliance is ahead in 297 seats and the Bharat Alliance is ahead in 228 seats. At the same time, according to the Election Commission, BJP is leading in 241 seats, in which 2 seats have been won. Congress is ahead in 99 seats at number two, in which one seat has been won. Samajwadi Party is at number three with 37 seats and Trinamool Congress is at number four with 32 seats. After this result of the election, election strategists Prashant Kishore and Yogendra Yadav remain a topic of discussion on social media. Actually Prashant Kishore and Yogendra Yadav are two such people who had predicted about the Lok Sabha elections 2024 just before the 7th phase of voting. Prashant Kishore had claimed that this time BJP and NDA will repeat the performance of 2019. At the same time, Yogendra Yadav had claimed that BJP will not be able to get majority on its own at any cost.

What was Yogendra Yadav's prediction?

Former election surveyor and Swaraj Party chief Yogendra Yadav had said that BJP alone will get 240 to 260 seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He also hoped that the NDA constituents will get 35 to 45 seats. Yogendra Yadav had emphasized several times that he has made this claim based on his experience. He had said that when he was roaming in Uttar Pradesh, every fifth or sixth voter of BJP seemed to be angry with it. That is why he is making such an estimate.

Prashant Kishor had predicted that BJP will get majority

Election strategist and Jansuraj Yatra organiser Prashant Kishor had claimed that BJP or NDA will not be able to touch the 400 mark at any cost. He had claimed that BJP will get majority on its own. He had said that NDA's performance will be largely the same as in 2019. That is, NDA alliance will get 300+ numbers.

Now when the results are coming out after counting of votes, Yogendra Yadav's prediction seems to be proving correct to a large extent. BJP alone seems to be stuck at 240+, while the majority figure is 272.

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