Lok Sabha Election Results: Which are those 6 states whose results changed the entire equation of the 18th Lok Sabha

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 have been declared and this time too the NDA has won with a majority. However, the NDA could not achieve its target of crossing 400. In this Lok Sabha election, the NDA won 293 seats. In which the BJP won 240 seats. While the Bharat Alliance won 232 seats. In such a situation, many states have emerged as a hindrance in this goal of taking the NDA beyond 400. Which especially includes UP. Let us know in which states apart from Uttar Pradesh, BJP lost seats.

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BJP's share decreased in Uttar Pradesh

In the 2024 elections, the Congress made significant gains in a direct contest against the BJP, winning 61 out of 214 seats. The BJP’s seat share dropped to 83%, causing it to lose a majority in several key states, including Uttar Pradesh.

Congress emerged as a strong opposition party

In 2019, the Congress party won just 15 seats out of 190, which is a mere 8% of the direct contests against the BJP. This time, it managed to win 61 seats out of 214 such direct contests, which is more than 28%. In the last election, the BJP had an 86% share of the NDA’s 352 seats, winning 303 of them. Currently, the BJP has 240 seats out of 290, which slightly reduces its share to 83%, and it no longer has a majority on its own.

BJP is in a weak position in five states including UP, Bihar and Tamil Nadu

Four of the five states with the most Lok Sabha seats did not go in the BJP's favour this time. In Uttar Pradesh, which has a total of 80 seats, the BJP's tally nearly halved from 62 to 33. In Maharashtra, the BJP's tally fell from 23 to 10 out of 48 seats. In West Bengal, which has 42 seats, it fell from 18 to 12. In Tamil Nadu, which has 39 seats, the BJP did not win a single seat. In Bihar, the BJP's tally fell from 17 to 12, though the NDA won 30 of the state's 40 seats.

BJP suffered the biggest loss in these 6 states

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • West Bengal
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Bihar
  • Manipur

BJP suffers losses in Northeast states

The Northeast region, where the BJP had made significant progress in recent years, also suffered some losses. Both seats in Manipur went to the Congress, the only seat in Nagaland and one of the two seats in Meghalaya also went to the Congress. Nevertheless, the BJP retained 9 seats in Assam and 2 each in Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura.

There was loss on SC/ST seats too

Earlier, the BJP had won 77 of the 131 SC/ST reserved seats across the country, while the Congress got only 11 seats. This time, the BJP's tally dropped to 53, while the Congress increased its tally to 33. The BJP will form the government in Odisha for the first time, ending the 24-year tenure of Naveen Patnaik, India's second longest-serving chief minister.

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