Like UP, there is Ayodhya in Thailand too, the king here is considered to be Ram avatar, know what is his relation with God

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Like UP, there is Ayodhya in Thailand too, the king here is considered to be Ram avatar, know what is his relation with God

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Ayodhya is inspired by Hinduism

Thailand, located in South East Asia, may not be connected to the borders of India. But there is something there that is similar to India. Thailand is inspired by Hinduism. Here people worship Ram like God. The special thing is that Ramayana written by Valmiki is considered an epic in Thailand. This city of Thailand is dominated by Hindus. This place is between the Chopraya Palak and Loppuri rivers and its name is also inspired by Ayodhya of India.

Tamils ​​spread Hinduism

If media reports are to be believed, Lord Rama never came here, but many Tamil people from India came and started living here. After which the Tamil people propagated Hinduism at this place. Not only this, the king here also started believing in Lord Rama. Because till the year 1360 it was mandatory to believe in Buddhism here. But when the king saw that the people here started having more faith in Lord Rama, he also started believing in Lord Rama and made devotion to Lord Rama a state religion.

Ram Nagari is the center of attraction

Let us tell you that the main attraction of Ayodhya city of Thailand is the ancient park located in the middle of the city. In this park, pillars without peaks, walls, stairs and beautiful statues of Lord Buddha attract people's attention. The most special statue of this park is the one in which the head of Buddha is made of sandstone and the statue is tied to the roots of a peepal tree. According to the information, this tree looks like the remains of the souvenir temples of the ancient empire of Wat Mahathat of the 14th century in Ayodhya. If you ever come on a Thailand trip, then definitely come here.

A Buddhist temple was built

Let us tell you that according to a legend, one day the king here was sitting in meditation, then he saw a light coming from the earth and in this light the king saw the statue of Lord Buddha. After which he decided that a temple of Lord Buddha should be built here. And a grand temple was built here. However, in the present situation only the remains of the temple are left here.

History of Ayodhya

If we talk about history, the ancient name of Thailand was “Siam”. Till 1612, the capital of Siam used to be Ayodhya. In the local language, people know it as “Ayutthaya”. Even today, the national book of Thailand is “Ramayana”. Which is called 'Ramikine' in the Thai language. Which means “Rama-Kirti”. In Thailand, watching drama and puppet shows based on 'Ramikine' is considered a religious act. If you are also planning to visit Thailand, then you must visit here once.

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