Last day for Paytm Fastag today: How and why it is important to deactivate your Paytm Fastag and get a refund

Ananya Shroff
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The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has recently issued a crucial advisory for users of Paytm Fastag. According to the advisory released earlier this week, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has instructed Paytm-issued Fastag users to transition to other banks by March 15. This move aims to ensure seamless toll payments and prevent penalties and double toll charges for travelers on National Highways across the country.

The advisory follows the Reserve Bank of India’s ban on Paytm Payments Bank on January 31. As a result of this ban, the central bank directed Paytm Payments Bank to cease accepting new deposits in customers’ accounts and halt services related to Fastag and other offerings. Subsequently, NHAI also excluded Paytm Payments Bank from the list of Fastag issuing banks.

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Importance of Deactivating Paytm Fastag

The RBI has clarified that Paytm Fastags are not interoperable, necessitating users to transfer them to another account. Additionally, under NHAI’s ‘One Vehicle, One Fastag’ policy, each vehicle can only have one active Fastag. Consequently, users of Paytm Fastag must deactivate their existing Fastag before obtaining another one for their vehicle.

How to Request Paytm Fastag Deactivation

To deactivate a Paytm Fastag, users can dial 1800-120-4210 and provide their registered mobile number along with the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) or Tag ID. They can also navigate to Paytm, access Help & Support, select Fastag, and proceed to raise the deactivation request.

Procedure for Refund

Once the deactivation request is submitted and processed, users will receive an automatic notification regarding the refund. The refund amount, comprising the remaining balance and a security deposit of Rs 150, will be credited to the linked wallet without the need for a separate refund request.

Checking Refund Status

Users can check the status of their refund by accessing Paytm, selecting Help & Support, and then navigating to the Fastag section. By choosing the Deactivate Fastag option, they will receive an automated response detailing the deactivation and refund status.

This advisory underscores the importance of timely action for Paytm Fastag users to avoid disruptions in toll payments and ensure compliance with NHAI regulations.

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