Kota Factory 3: Why did Vaibhav Pandey fail IIT? Mayur More could not pass the test even after becoming the lead hero

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Jitendra Kumar's famous web series 'Kota Factory 3' has been creating a stir on the internet since its release. While every character and episode of the series has made its own place in the hearts of the fans, this time the fans were disappointed with the climax of Mayur More's character Vaibhav Pandey. Recently, in a conversation, the writers of the series gave information about it and talked a lot about the third season. The best writers of 'Kota Factory 3', Praveen Yadav, Puneet Batra and Manish Chandwani recently talked. When asked about the need for its third season, Puneet said that the journey that started in the first two seasons is not over. We needed a new season to finish it. Apart from this, Puneet also talked about the scene that broke everyone's hopes, his decision to fail Vaibhav in the exam. He further told India Today that in real life, only 11,000 out of 11 lakh students manage to secure a rank. The author said that this large percentage includes those students who are expected to succeed.

This is what was supposed to happen with the hero

Linking it to Vaibhav's character, Punit said, 'With Vaibhav, we had to take forward the idea that 'Hero hi pass nahi hota hai'. Supporting his statement, he said that he tried to show a lot of things in the series, which most of the fans understood and liked.

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Why are fans unhappy with Vaibhav's storyline?

The author described the scene where Vaibhav could not sleep due to anxiety the night before the exam. He then told how Vaibhav reached the wrong exam center the next day and was nervous when the gate was closed. He was nervous when a student sitting next to him gave him water. Then Vaibhav went to drink water.

Vaibhav's story will move forward

Interestingly, Punit further shared an interesting anecdote about how Vaibhav reaching the wrong centre was actually inspired from his own life. He remembers that once during his exams, he realised God's blessings when a man who was returning after dropping his son helped him reach the exam centre. The writers also assured fans that this is not the end as Vaibhav's story will move forward.

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