Kohli will do a 'big feat' in the final today! Rajyoga in the horoscope is giving a big indication

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The final match of the ICC T20 World Cup is going to be played tonight between Team India and South Africa in Barbados. Team India fans have a question in their minds whether India will be able to win the T20 World Cup title this time? The second big question is about the performance of Team India's superstar batsman Virat Kohli. Will Virat's bat roar in today's final match or will he once again disappoint cricket lovers because Kohli has not been seen playing in his familiar style in the matches played so far. He has not been able to touch the 50 mark even once in 7 matches. How will the stars of Virat Kohli's luck be against South Africa in today's final match? Let's know about this Dr. Gaurav Kumar Dixit, Astrologer, Tirthnagari Soron From.

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Saturn gave Kohli amazing fighting ability
According to Jyotishacharya Dr. Dixit, as per the available date and time of birth, Virat's ascendant is Sagittarius and his zodiac sign is Virgo. Shani Dev present in the ascendant of the horoscope gives him the amazing ability to fight and stand firm in any situation and the Moon situated in the center tenth house in his Karma Bhava indicates his strong mental state. Due to the presence of Saturn in the ascendant, he is also made to work harder.

Virat took big risks due to Rahu
Virat Kohli has Rahu in the third house of his horoscope and Ketu in the ninth house. Rahu sitting in the third house of the horoscope gives him the proper ability to struggle, work hard and take strong decisions. Due to the position of Rahu, Kohli is not afraid of taking risks.

According to Virat Kohli's horoscope, Rahu's Mahadasha is going on since 2010. The position of Rahu in the horoscope is very strong, in this situation Virat Kohli has achieved everything in his life with his determination, hard work and dedication.

Mahadasha of Rahu
While the Mahadasha of Rahu running in the horoscope gave him everything, Venus sitting in the debilitated sign in the Antardasha kept him struggling for some time. There were many ups and downs in his career but they were not long and permanent. With struggle and hard work, Virat achieved everything with the help of his stars.

Raja Yoga can give Kohli a big honor in the final!
Astrologer Dr. Dixit says that Saturn is transiting in its zodiac sign Aquarius. Sun, Mercury and Venus are sitting together in Gemini and forming Rajyoga. Mars is also transiting in its zodiac sign Aries. The position of all these planets is creating a situation for Virat to get a big honor in today's final match.

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