Know these rules regarding reserve day in the final, the next day can be played only in this situation…

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Threat of rain on India vs South Africa final match ICC has kept a reserve day in the T20 World Cup final

New Delhi. The Indian cricket team led by Rohit Sharma will take on South Africa in the final of the T20 World Cup 2024 on Saturday. Both the teams have geared up for this great match to be played in Bardos. Team India would like to become the world champion in T20 for the second time, while South Africa is waiting for an ICC trophy for the first time. The most special thing about both the teams is that both have qualified for the final by remaining undefeated. While India has won 7 matches in a row, South Africa has won the title by winning 8 matches in a row. Rain may hinder the final. However, the ICC has also kept a reserve day for this. Not only this, there is also 190 minutes of extra time in Barbados for the final. The ICC has laid down a condition regarding the reserve day. Now what is this condition? Let's know.

The final of the T20 World Cup 2024 between India and South Africa (IND vs SA) will be played from 8:00 pm Indian time. At that time it will be 10:30 am in Barbados. The match will be played on the reserve day only if the match is not possible on the first day. According to the rules of the ICC, even if there is a hindrance of rain on the day of the final, an attempt will be made to conduct a match of at least 10 overs. This is because in this World Cup, the ICC has made it mandatory to conduct a match of at least ten overs for the result in the semi-finals and finals. If even a 10-over match is not possible on June 29, then only this match will go to the reserve day. Apart from this, if the match starts on Saturday and the game after that is not possible due to rain, then the match will start from where it was left on the first day in the reserve day. An additional time of 190 minutes has also been kept for the final. It can be said that the ICC wants to finish this match on the first day by any means.

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In this case both teams will become joint winners
Suppose that a 10 over match is not played on Saturday or Sunday, then India and South Africa will be declared joint winners. India defeated defending champions England in the semi-finals, while South Africa defeated heavyweight Afghanistan to set up a title clash with India.

India vs South Africa weather updates
The final match between India and South Africa is under the threat of rain. According to the weather information website AccuWeather, the sky will be quite cloudy on the day of the match. Strong winds will also blow. The day may start with thunder and light rain. It is clear from this that rain may disrupt the match. Rain had disrupted the semi-final as well. However, the Indian team played its semi-final in Guyana.

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