Know the right direction to keep the dustbin, otherwise you will become poor and your house will also look like junk

Ananya Shroff
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North-East direction

It is believed that the north-east direction generates the most positive energy. Keeping the dustbin in this direction increases the negative energy so much that unnecessary disappointment starts spreading among the people of the house. Their personality development stops. This can also reduce better job and career opportunities. Not only this, keeping the dustbin in this place also does not make the house look good.

South-East direction

It is said that if the dustbin is kept in the south-east direction of the house, then savings are never made. Not only this, all the savings and money kept in the house also slowly starts to end. The burden of debt on the family members can increase and the possibility of the head of the house going bankrupt also increases. At the same time, this place is not at all right for the dustbin in terms of the decoration of the house.

East direction

It is believed that the east direction represents Lord Surya. Therefore, the dustbin should not be kept in this direction at all. This increases tension among the people of the house. The family members also like to stay alone. And then every work starts getting obstructed. Apart from this, keeping the dustbin at this place also spoils the beauty of the house.

Keep the dustbin in this direction

Some people keep the dustbin outside the house but this should not be done at all. When someone comes to your house, the first thing he will see is the dustbin. Apart from this, according to the belief, the dustbin should be kept inside the house. For this, the south-west and north-west direction of the house are considered right.

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