'Kiara Advani has a lot of attitude', she did something like this with the cabin crew in the flight, her true colors came out!

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Bollywood actress Kiara Advani has ruled the hearts of millions with her smile and brilliant acting. The news of her romance with Siddharth Malhotra is also spread everywhere. However, behind this image, there is also a discussion of a different side of Kiara. No matter how cute Kiara is in front of the camera, it is often said that she has a lot of attitude. Recently something similar happened and a cabin crew has complained about Kiara. Let us tell you. A recent controversy has shown another side of Kiara Advani's ideal image, bringing out a different side of the actress. In a recent interview with a YouTube channel, a cabin crew revealed that he and his colleagues did not have a good experience with Kiara because she has 'too much attitude'. When these people gave cashews and almonds to Kiara, but Kiara rudely refused and asked them to call their assistant so that he could give her cashews.

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Kiara Advani has attitude!

In the same interview, the cabin crew member told that Janhvi Kapoor is very sweet in this matter. When the crew woke her up from sleep, she did not get angry and listened to them patiently. Even Ananya Pandey was very sweet and funny with them.

Kiara did the same in the cafe

An excerpt of the video was shared on Instagram and a netizen commented that she once met Kiara at a cafe. While leaving, Kiara's lip balm fell and landed on another woman's feet. Later, her assistant came to take the lip balm and she said a lot of bad things. Surprisingly, she cleaned the balm right in front of the woman.

Fans take sides, some criticise

As soon as this video was shared on the social media platform, netizens were shocked by this new information about Kiara Advani. One user wrote, 'Pyari Advani is not like this.' Many people defended her and wrote, 'Huh, but what was so bad in Kiara's behavior.' At the same time, one wrote, 'Okay, I am an actor, I have worked with both Kiara and Ananya. But my experience was exactly the opposite. Kiara is very sweet and true, she behaves well with everyone.' At the same time, one said – Naam Bade Hain Darshan Chhote.

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