'Kejriwal is not cooperating in the investigation'…CBI custody ends, court sends him to 14 days judicial custody

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New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal has been sent to 14-day judicial custody. The CBI produced Kejriwal in Rouse Avenue Court on Saturday after the completion of his three-day remand. The CBI had arrested him on Wednesday in the Delhi liquor policy case. The investigating agency had sought five-day remand to question him with evidence, but got three-day remand. The court has directed Kejriwal to be produced in court on July 12.

What was debated in the court today?

  • In the court, advocate Vikram Choudhary read out the application filed on behalf of Kejriwal, seeking direction to the CBI to produce on record all the material submitted, including the case diary.
  • The court said that you can leave it to the court to consider these aspects.
  • “In the bail plea of ​​my co-accused in the Supreme Court, they had said they will complete the investigation by July 3,” Chowdhury said.
  • The court said, whatever statement they have given about completing the investigation by the stipulated date, even if those commitments are not followed, it will give you a basis to get bail. You cannot say that JC cannot be given.
  • “I am praying that please tell the investigating officer to follow whatever they are saying. So that tomorrow I can argue this issue on any platform… I want to say something specific. I leave the whole matter to the court. Nobody can ask for a copy of the case diary. I am here to assist you impartially. You can specifically ask them where is that material,” Chowdhary said.
  • He further said, What I am saying is that if they are unable to satisfy your conscience in the first three cases, then today's remand proceedings are illegal. If they are unable to satisfy your Lordship…
  • The court said, your prayer section is not making it clear. The basis which you have not mentioned.
  • “Even if the judge has allowed PC or JC, in any case if there is a demand for extension of judicial custody, it is not as if the judge will extend it if there is no solid ground for the custody…My main emphasis is that the court can take all this on record,” Choudhary said.
  • CBI counsel DP Singh presented arguments and opposed Chaudhary's demand.
  • The court told the CBI counsel, I would like the investigating officer to mark the relevant pages of the case diary.
  • Kejriwal's lawyer said, the accused's wife and family are here, if you allow, the accused should be allowed to meet them till the order is passed. The court said that permission is granted inside the court.
  • The court reserved the order.

What did the CBI say in the court?

  • Arvind Kejriwal is not cooperating in the investigation. During the remand period, he is deliberately avoiding giving direct answers to questions. His statements do not match the evidence.
  • Kejriwal has a lot of political influence. He is the Chief Minister of Delhi. He can influence witnesses. He can tamper with evidence. He can influence potential witnesses whose statements are yet to be recorded. He can tamper with evidence that is yet to be collected. In this way, he can influence the investigation.
  • When Arvind Kejriwal was presented with evidence during the interrogation, he did not give any satisfactory answer to the questions asked in this regard.
  • Kejriwal did not give any explanation as to why there was a need to increase the wholesale profit margin from 5 percent to 12 percent in the new excise policy? Why was such a decision taken without any study/basis in this regard?
  • When the second wave of Covid was at its peak, what was the hurry that the revised excise policy got the approval of the cabinet within a day. This happened when the people of the South lobby were present in Delhi itself and were meeting Vijay Nair.
  • When Kejriwal was asked about Vijay Nair's meeting with liquor businessmen and demanding bribe in exchange for making desired changes in the excise policy, he did not give any direct answer to this either.
  • Kejriwal also did not give any satisfactory answer about his meeting with Manguta Reddy, Arjun Pandey and Mootha Gautam.
  • He also did not give a direct answer to a question about the use of Rs 44.54 crore by AAP during its election campaign in Goa.
  • The investigation is still going on, the investigation is at a crucial stage. Statements of some important witnesses are yet to be recorded. Some important digital evidence is also yet to be collected.
  • Kejriwal has a lot of political influence. He can influence witnesses and tamper with evidence, so he should be sent to judicial custody.

These allegations were made in CBI
The CBI says that Kejriwal should be taken into custody so that he can be shown documents related to the case. The investigating agency alleged that Kejriwal implicated former Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and blamed him for the privatization of the liquor policy. However, Kejriwal denied these claims in the court and said that both he and Sisodia are innocent. Kejriwal said, 'I am innocent and other AAP leaders including Manish Sisodia are also innocent.'

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