Katrina Kaif reacted to the song 'Tauba Tauba', also gave advice to Vicky Kaushal

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Vicky Kaushal, who will be seen in Anand Tiwari's directorial 'Bad News', is in the news these days for his film. Be it his funny dialogue delivery or his dance in 'Tauba Tauba', fans are eager to see him in Karan Johar's production. Now, the actor has revealed wife and actress Katrina Kaif's reaction to this song. He told how the actress found this song different from others. Vicky Kaushal revealed in an interview to 'Times Now' that Katrina Kaif has approved his performance in the song 'Tauba Tauba'. Vicky said that now this song is verified by Katrina Kaif. Vicky further told that Katrina appreciates that he dances very freely. The dance queen also gave him an advice regarding his performance.

Katrina's reaction on Vicky Kaushal's song

Vicky told that when Katrina Kaif saw the song 'Tauba Tauba', she called it 'perfect'. Not only this, she liked every single thing about this song. In the same interview, Vicky Kaushal also told what was Katrina's reaction when she came to know about his character in Bad News. He told that the actress was very happy with Vicky's character in the film.

Release date of Vicky Kaushal's film 'Bad News'

'Bad News' will be released in theaters on July 19. Apart from Vicky, Tripti Dimri and Amy Virk will be seen in it. Singer Karan Aujla has also performed in this song. He has also sung it. When the actor shared its clip, Katrina Kaif gave her reaction through emoji in the comment. This film will tell about a medical condition Heteropaternal Superfecundation.

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