Kargil War: 2.5 lakh shells were fired from cannons and 1 round was fired every minute, Pakistani soldiers ran away

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New Delhi: In the Kargil war of 1999, Pakistan stabbed India in the back. On one side there was talk of peace, on the other side war was being waged. To win this war, the Indian Army had launched Operation Vijay. On the other hand, Pakistan had launched Operation Kopaima for the Kargil war. This operation was named in Urdu. Kopaima means mountain climber. There was also intelligence failure behind this war. We will learn from experts what kind of strategy the Indian Army had adopted to win the Kargil war. How effective was it? We will also learn about the Chakravyuh in whose trap the Pakistani Army had to face a terrible defeat.

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The Kargil war was an intelligence failure

According to defense and strategic analyst Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) JS Sodhi, Pakistan's action to capture Kargil started in January 1999 itself, but India came to know about it at the end of May 1999. Then India launched Operation Vijay. For 6 months from January to May, the army did not know that Pakistani soldiers were deployed on our mountain fronts. This was a big mistake.

As soon as the Indian Army found out, what did it do?

As soon as the Indian Army received information that Pakistani troops had captured some of our posts, India considered it a full-fledged war and adopted a strategy to drive the Pakistanis out of their front. A multi-pronged attack strategy was adopted to drive the Pakistani troops out of every front and every inch of occupied land. India's victory began with the recapture of Tiger Hills, which was completed on 4 July 1999 by defeating the Pakistani troops.

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9 soldiers vs 1 in mountain battle

According to defense expert Sodhi, the Indian Army usually adopts a 3:1 ratio of attacker and defender for any battle. This means that 3 Indian Army soldiers are deployed against 1 enemy soldier. This strategy changes in the mountains. In the mountains, the ratio of attacker and defender is 9:1. This means that in the battle in the mountains, 9 Indian soldiers are deployed against 1 enemy soldier. The same strategy was adopted in Kargil as well.

Defeated the enemy at an altitude of 15-16 thousand feet

Pakistan had captured many of our fronts at an altitude of 15-16 thousand feet in Kargil. In response, Indian Army soldiers attacked the Pakistani Army from inaccessible areas. This strategy resulted in a crushing defeat for the Pakistanis. India had liberated every inch of Kargil.

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Indian army targeted with cannons

The Indian Army first softened the target with its big guns. In military language, softening means destroying the enemy's positions. The Indian Army also used the Air Force, which made it easier to win this war.

Army expert J.S. Sodhi

2.5 lakh shells were fired in the Kargil war

A large number of rockets and bombs were used in the Kargil war. During this period, about 2.5 lakh shells were fired. More than 300 mortars, cannons and rockets were used to fire 5,000 bombs. One round was fired every minute every day during the 17 days of the war. This was a war in which the enemy country's army was bombed on such a large scale.

What is the role of intelligence?

Intelligence plays a very important role. Intelligence is the most important in any military operation. It is through this that we come to know how many enemy soldiers are sitting where, what and what kind of weapons they have? Where to attack, what could be the enemy's counter action.

Intelligence is collected in a variety of ways

According to defense expert Sodhi, intelligence is collected in many ways. For example, some information is collected through humans. In the Kargil war, woodcutters and shepherds gave important inputs about Pakistani soldiers. Apart from this, information is also collected from satellite images. Important information is also collected from intelligence-gathering helicopters. All this information is put together and analyzed. Only after this, an operation is carried out against the enemy keeping in mind the useful information.

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