Karan Johar spoke on the actors' fees- Those who are asking for 35 crores are opening with 3.5 crores

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Karan Johar has been in the film industry for three decades. He has made many films. Even today, some of his films are liked by the people. The filmmaker has told in an interview that there are some actors in the industry who demand huge fees. But the film is not able to earn even half of that on the screen. Karan has talked about the rising inflation in the Hindi film industry. In an exclusive conversation with Faye D'Souza, Karan Johar has revealed that often film stars ask for Rs 35 crore as fees. But their start at the box office is very low. Regarding the cost of making a film, he said that inflation is increasing in the industry these days. 'There are about 10 actors in Hindi cinema and all of them are asking for the sun, moon and earth. So you give them money. Then you pay for the film. And then other expenses also come. But your film is not able to earn at the box office.'

Karan Johar said that actors demand crores of rupees

Karan Johar said, 'The film stars who are asking for Rs 35 crore. They are opening with Rs 3.5 crore. How is this math working? I don't know. Still you should keep making films and create content because you have to feed yourself too.' Karan further said, 'If films like Jawaan-Pathan are successful, should we only make action films? Everyone is running in that direction. But suddenly if a love story works, it seems like we are running around like headless chickens.'

Karan Johar spoke on the performance of films

Karan Johar said that the taste of the audience is very fixed. They want a certain kind of cinema. And if you as a producer want a certain number, then your film will have to be screened in A, B and C centres as well. Multiplexes alone will not be enough.

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