Karan Johar reached Bombay High Court, accused the makers of 'Shaadi Ke Director Karan Aur Johar'

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Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar has filed a case in the Bombay High Court against the makers of the film 'Shaadi Ke Director Karan Aur Johar' releasing on Friday, demanding to stop the use of his name in the title of the film. Karan Johar has also filed an application seeking immediate relief to stop the release of the film till the case is pending. Karan Johar's lawyer Parag Khandhar said that the case will be heard on June 13. Karan Johar said, “By using Karan Johar's name in the title of the film, the producers are creating confusion in the mind of the public at large that this film is associated with him. The general public will immediately connect with it. Karan took action in this only after he came to know about the title of this film.”

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karan johar bombay high court

Karan Johar reached the High Court

Karan Johar has claimed in his suit that he has no association with the film and the producers are using his name illegally. The film is produced by India Pride Advisory Pvt Ltd and directed by Sanjay Singh and Bablu Singh. It allegedly violates Karan Johar's rights, right to publicity and right to privacy.

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what the petition said

The petition states that his name has been used in the title of the film to capitalize on his reputation, which is not acceptable under the law. It states that Karan Johar is a big personality in India and globally. He is known as Karan and Johar. By using this, they are allegedly taking advantage of his name.

This film is going to be released on 14th June.

The film is scheduled to release on June 14, 2024. The petition states that the trailers have already been released on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and the posters have been displayed in public areas across Mumbai. Karan Johar has argued that these acts have been hampering his work for years and will continue to do so if not stopped.

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