Kanye West's former assistant sues him for sexual abuse, says the rapper sent her explicit videos

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Kanye West's former assistant sues him for sexual abuse, says the rapper sent her explicit videos

American rapper and songwriter Kanye West is once again embroiled in controversy. His former personal assistant has filed a sexual harassment case against him. This case was filed on Monday, June 3. According to a TMZ report, the former female assistant has also accused Kanye of unfairly terminating her. According to the allegations in the case filed in the court, Kanye sent obscene messages and videos to the woman and then fired her. The former female assistant has told the court that the contract made with her has been broken by firing her. According to the report, the female assistant has also claimed that Kanye used to masturbate while talking to her on the phone. He used to ask her if she could hear his sighs. He also used to ask if she knew what the rapper was doing.

Kanye said- I want to see you like a goddess

It is being told that Kanye West hired this woman as his personal assistant in July 2021. At that time he was preparing for his fashion line 'Yeezy'. A year later, Kanye West allegedly told the female assistant that he wanted to see her as a 'goddess'. The rapper also told the woman that if she deletes her OnlyFans account, he will give her $1 million every year.

'Kanye talked about sex in the message'

The woman alleges that soon after this, Kanye started sending her several text messages. One of these messages has been shared by TMZ. It reads, 'Look, my problem is that I want to have sex, but I want the girl to tell me after that how it was when I was having sex with her. Then I want her to cheat on me.'

The woman presented the messages and videos in court

The report further states that after this Kanye's text messages became even more obscene. In this, Kanye shared his sexual fantasies about other women with his female assistant. According to the case filed, the woman who made the allegation has also presented some videos and pictures in which Kanye is seen having sex with a model.

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Woman's allegation- outstanding money was not given after being fired from the job

The woman has told the court that Kanye West had promoted her to the post of Chief of Staff in several of his companies. For this, she was getting a salary of 4 million dollars i.e. about Rs 33 crores. Kanye fired her from the job in October 2022. The woman says that even her outstanding money was not given to her.

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