Kannada actor Darshan asked for home cooked food in jail, said in the petition- I lost weight, got food poisoning

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Kannada film star Darshan, who is in jail in the case of murder of fan Renukaswamy, has asked for home-cooked food, clothes, bedding and some books for himself in the jail. In this regard, he has also filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court, in which he has argued that he has lost a lot of weight due to eating jail food. It is known that Darshan is in jail since June 11 and will remain in custody till July 18. He is accused of murdering 33-year-old fan Renukaswamy. Darshan Thoogudeepa has demanded in the petition that he should be allowed to eat home-cooked food in jail. He is neither able to digest nor eat the jail food. Due to this, he also got food poisoning and diarrhea.

Big news in Renukaswamy murder case! Police found fingerprints of Darshan and Pavitra Gowda on the clothes of the deceased

Presswire18 TimesHorrifying revelation in actor Darshan's case, Renuka Swami's testicles had burst and dogs had eaten her face

Renukaswami murder case, Pavithra accused of inciting murder

The police are investigating the case and have got many important information so far. Investigation has revealed that Renukaswamy was a fan of actor Darshan. Darshan has been in a relationship with actress Pavitra Gowda for 10 years. Renukaswamy did not like this and he used to send messages to Pavitra Gowda threatening her to stay away from Darshan. At first, Pavitra did not pay attention to this, but later Renukaswamy started sending objectionable pictures and messages to the actress.


pavitra gowda and darshan- bccl

Presswire18 TimesWhen his mother and wife came to meet Darshan in jail, the actor started crying, controversy arose over allowing the meeting

The deceased's testicles were ruptured due to the assault, dogs had scratched the body

Pavithra Gowda told this to Darshan and instigated him to kill Renukaswamy. Darshan kidnapped Renukaswamy with the help of some of his friends. They took him to a warehouse where he was beaten up badly. They also tortured Renukaswamy, which was proved by his postmortem report. Renukaswamy's testicles were ruptured and the body was found in a drain in Kamakshipalya, Bengaluru on the night of June 8-9. He was mauled by dogs and one ear of the body was also missing. At the same time, the police also believe that Renukaswamy was beaten with sticks and tied up. He was also given electric shocks.

More than 200 proofs against Darshan and Pavitra

Karnataka police has also filed a charge sheet in this case. Now the problems of Darshan and Pavitra Gowda have increased further. Police have found more than 200 evidences against both of them. Not only this, police have also found fingerprints of Darshan and Pavitra on the clothes of the deceased Renukaswamy.

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