Justice will be restored in three years and crime will also reduce, Amit Shah told what will change with the implementation of the new criminal law

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New Delhi : All three new laws have come into force across the country from July 1. Under the new penal system, work will begin in all union territories by August 15. Work is also progressing rapidly at the technical level in the rest of the states. Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that after 77 years of independence, India's judicial system has become completely indigenous. He described the three new laws as providing justice instead of punishment. He said that before making the law, every aspect of it was discussed in detail with different parties for four years. Such a long discussion has never taken place on any law since independence. Crimes against women and children have been given first priority in the new laws.The case will be tried in the language of the State
Such a provision has been made in these laws that the technology that will come in the next 50 years can also be incorporated in it. The Home Minister said that keeping in mind the different languages ​​spoken in different states of the country, all three laws will be available in all the languages ​​of the 8th Schedule of the country. The cases will also be tried in the same languages. Only Hindi or English language has not been kept in it. Sections have been added in the new laws according to today's time. In the new laws, the law of treason of the British has been completely abolished. Some people are spreading the misconception that the remand time has been increased in the new laws. This is not true. In the new laws also, the remand time is 15 days only as before.

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Forensic examination is mandatory for those sentenced for more than seven years
In the new laws, forensic investigation has been made mandatory in crimes punishable by seven years or more. 12 thousand master trainers have been prepared to train about 22.5 lakh policemen about the new laws. Many institutions have been authorized for this. More than 23 thousand master trainers have also been trained. In the earlier laws, only the rights of the police were protected, but in the new laws there is a provision to protect the rights of victims and complainants as well.

He said that there was no provision for the crime of mob lynching in the earlier law. Now mob lynching has been defined for the first time in these laws. He said that 99.9 percent of police stations across the country have been computerized. The process of making e-records has also been started from 2019. Zero FIR, e-FIR and charge sheet will all be digital. In the new laws, forensic investigation will be mandatory in crimes with punishment of seven years or more. In the judiciary also, 21 thousand subordinate judiciary have been trained. 20 thousand government prosecutors have been trained. These laws were discussed in the Lok Sabha for 9 hours and 29 minutes. In which 34 members participated.

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Shah also responded to the lies of the opposition
There was a discussion of 6 hours 17 minutes in the Rajya Sabha and 40 members participated in it. He said that a lie is being spread that these laws were passed after the MPs were thrown out. This is wrong. He told that in 2020, letters were written to all the MPs, Chief Ministers, Supreme Court, High Court judges and suggestions were sought from them. The Home Secretary had sought suggestions in this regard from all the IPS and district officers of the country. Shah told that he himself held a review meeting of these laws 158 times. After this, they were sent to the committee of the Home Ministry. Then after an intense discussion on these for two and a half to three months, these bills were again passed by the Cabinet with 93 changes except for some political suggestions.

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