Juhi Chawla got secretly married at the peak of her career, said- I was afraid of my career ending, I was losing everything

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Famous 90s actress Juhi Chawla married businessman Jai Mehta in 1995. Juhi told that she got married secretly because she was afraid of her career ending. Juhi Chawla was at the peak of her career at the time of marriage. Juhi talked about this in an interview and told why she had to marry secretly from the world. In an old interview, Juhi Chawla had told that in the 90s many actors got married secretly, but at that time there were no cameras nor mobile phones and social media, so the matter remained hidden. Juhi Chawla once told Rajeev Masand in a conversation that she was afraid of her career ending.

Juhi Chawla's mother-in-law got her wedding done at home, due to this she cancelled two thousand wedding invitations on the spot

Juhi Chawla told the reason for marrying secretly

Juhi Chawla had said, 'I was almost established in my career and was doing well. This was the time when Jai was trying to woo me. I was afraid that I would lose my career after marriage. So I wanted to move on and I felt this was the middle way, let's keep it a secret and keep doing my work.'

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Shocked by mother's death, mother-in-law had arranged the wedding at home

Juhi Chawla told that during that time her mother had passed away, due to which she was going through a difficult time. She felt as if everything was slipping out of her hands. On one hand her mother was gone and on the other hand her career was also about to slip out of her hands. Juhi had recently told in an interview that she did not want a lavish wedding and started crying in front of her mother-in-law. Seeing this, her mother-in-law cancelled the 2 thousand invitations sent for the wedding and got the wedding done secretly at home.

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