Japanese way of living like a single even after marriage, life will be fun, there will be no problems

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Everyone knows that marriage is a bond of seven lives. Two people live together and spend the good and bad moments of life together. But after some time, some people start finding this relationship boring. They feel that this relationship has tied them down and then it leads to divorce.

But just imagine that you have to live the bond of marriage according to your wish, without any pressure of living together and without any interference from anyone. Perhaps everyone likes this kind of relationship. Because no one wants any kind of trouble in life. That is why we are giving you information about weekend marriage, the trend of which is increasing.

What is a weekend wedding?

Weekend marriage is also called separation marriage. As the name suggests, in this type of marriage the couple meets each other only on weekends. The couple remains busy with their work during the rest of the week.

There is no pressure of any kind on any partner in this relationship. In this type of marriage, the couple lives in the same house but sleeps in different rooms, although some couples live in different houses in the same city.

Where did this trend come from?

In every religion and country, the marriage rituals and the way of performing them are different. In such a situation, if we talk about weekend marriage, then this trend started from Japan. Actually, people here feel that their personal life gets spoiled after marriage. Due to busy lifestyle, they are not able to find time for themselves.

That is why people have started following the trend of weekend marriage. However, it is also true that while taking care of the family, people often forget to take care of themselves. Due to which the trend of weekend marriage is becoming quite popular.

No interference in each other's lives

No interference in each other's lives

The trend of weekend marriage is being liked the most by the youth. Today's youth do not want anyone to interfere in their lives in any way. In this relationship, the couple is not accountable to each other and lives life on their own terms. They spend quality time with each other only on weekends.

also carries out responsibilities well

also carries out responsibilities well

Meeting only on weekends means that they have no interest in each other's lives. In fact, even their expenses are shared by both the partners. In case of any emergency, the couple finds a solution together. However, they decide on their own whether to have children or not.

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