Jai Bhim, Jai Palestine… Asaduddin Owaisi raised slogans after taking oath, uproar started in Lok Sabha

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected MPs is going on in the Lok Sabha. Meanwhile, a new controversy has arisen over the swearing-in ceremony of Hyderabad MP and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. Actually, while taking oath as an MP, Owaisi raised slogans of Jai Bhim, Jai Telangana and later Jai Palestine. After Owaisi raised the slogan of 'Jai Palestine', BJP MPs started creating ruckus in the House.

shouted Jai Palestine
The Protem Speaker called Asaduddin Owaisi to take oath as a Lok Sabha member. Before taking the oath, Owaisi recited Bismillah. After this, he took oath in Urdu. While leaving after taking the oath, he raised the slogan 'Jai Bhim, Jai Mim, Jai Telangana and Jai Palestine'. Apart from this, he also raised the slogan 'Allah Hu Akbar'.

BJP opposed
BJP has opposed Owaisi's 'Jai Palestine' slogan. Union Minister G Kishan Reddy said, 'The slogan given by AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi in Parliament today is absolutely wrong. This is against the rules of the House. He does not say Bharat Mata Ki Jai while living in India… People should understand that he does unconstitutional work while living in the country.'

He has been elected MP from Hyderabad for the fifth time
AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has reached the Lok Sabha for the fifth time as an MP from Hyderabad. He defeated BJP's Madhavi Lata by a huge margin of 3,38087 votes. Earlier in the 2019 elections, Owaisi won with a total vote share of 58.95%. He has become an MP from Hyderabad for the fifth consecutive time. Owaisi reached Parliament for the first time in 2004 by winning the election from Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat.

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