It is difficult to extract ghee from cream in summer, these tips will make the job easier

Ananya Shroff
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Keep the cream in the fridge

Due to the high temperature in summers, there is a possibility of cream getting spoiled quickly and in this season, curd or cream turns sour quickly. Therefore, to extract good ghee from cream, always keep it in the fridge so that the cream does not turn sour and remains frozen instead of melting.

Do not make the butter at this time.

To extract ghee from cream, first butter has to be made and then ghee is extracted by cooking the butter in a pan. This process takes a lot of time, so do not extract butter from cream between 10 am and sunset in summer. Because the sunshine becomes strong after 10 o'clock, so you should extract butter only in the morning and at night.

butter extractor trick

It is easy to make butter by whipping cream well or by putting it in a mixer. But you can also use ice. For this, when you whip cream in a mixer, add some ice and cold water to it. This will make the butter come out easily.

Ghee will be made from butter

After making butter from cream, put it in a pan and keep cooking on low flame. After some time you will see that ghee will start separating from the butter. Keep cooking till the cream particles turn into small grains and turn light brown and all the ghee is released. After the ghee is cooked, filter it and keep it in a vessel.

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