'Isn't it wrong to raise hands on this poor girl standing behind Kangana?', when KRK raised the question, people also got angry

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For the first time after winning the Lok Sabha elections from Mandi by a huge margin, Kangana Ranaut left Himachal for Delhi Parliament on Thursday. On the way, during security checking at Chandigarh airport, a CISF female security guard slapped her and this news has spread like wildfire. However, after this, immediate action was taken against that woman and she has been suspended along with an FIR. Immediately after this incident, the woman expressed her displeasure over Kangana's old statement and said that my mother was also present in the protest about which she had said that people come and sit there for Rs 100-100. Well, on social media, many people are calling this act of the female constable wrong, while there are many who are also calling her a lioness. Now Kamal R Khan has raised a big question about a video going viral from this occasion. In this video, a man along with Kangana is seen slapping the airport staff seen in black clothes.

Kamal R Khan has raised questions on this video while sharing it. KRK has posted the Chandigarh video and written, 'If it is wrong for the CISF girl to beat Kangana, then how is it not wrong for Kangana's partner to beat a poor woman in front of everyone? Is only Kangana entitled to respect? Does a poor woman not deserve it?'

People said- this person should also be punished

While people have criticized KRK fiercely on this post, many people have also demanded the arrest of the person who slapped him in this video. Another user said- This person is completely wrong, he should be punished and sent to rehab. Another said- Everyone should get respect, they should also be punished immediately.

'The film Thappad 2 should start immediately'

After this incident with Kangana, KRK has shared a post tagging Taapsee Pannu. KRK has written in this post, 'Dear Taapsee, you should start your film Thappad 2 immediately and you should play the character of Kulwinder Kaur. Believe me, this film will be a blockbuster.'

People are criticizing KRK on social media

People have criticized KRK a lot on this post. One has shared a picture of KRK with the police and wrote- What do you think about Jail 2. Another has said- Now I understand why you are so scared of Salman Khan. Another said- So did you like the first part too?

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