Ishan Kishan may leave India… How much truth is there in the news? Where is the star cricketer?

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Ranchi/Patna. Cricket is not just a game in India. Rather, people's emotions are attached to cricket and cricketers. In such a situation, news related to gossip about big star cricketers is often in the news. Similar news about Indian wicketkeeper batsman Ishan Kishan, who has been out of Team India for a few days, also went viral rapidly. Many types of rumors are spreading on social media about wicketkeeper batsman Ishan Kishan, who is out of Team India's central contract. It is even being said that Ishan Kishan may leave India and go to Nepal or any other country for cricket.

It was being said that Ishan Kishan might announce his retirement. After this, he might move to a new cricket country like Ireland or America. As soon as this news came from somewhere on social media, there was a flood of such rumours. Since the matter was related to the stormy batsman Ishan Kishan, people believed it to be true and then the gossip market became hot.

Let us tell you the truth. Actually, there is no truth in such news. Sources very close to Ishan Kishan told that such rumors have been spread only to grab people's attention and gain cheap popularity. Actually, when anything is written about celebrity faces like Ishan, people definitely read it. Sources close to the star wicketkeeper batsman told that Ishan has currently reached Patna from NCA Bangalore to meet his family, where he will spend quality time with his family for a few days and then return to NCA Bangalore. However, a few days ago Ishan has also visited Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain.

Let us tell you that Ishan Kishan had withdrawn his name from the Test tour of South Africa. After this, he returned directly to India from Africa and started preparing for the IPL. After this, Ishan also withdrew his name from the series played between India and England in the country itself. At that time this news made a lot of headlines. However, he was dropped from the central contract due to not playing Ranji. His name was not considered again in the subsequent series or T20 World Cup. It is believed that Ishan Kishan has a good bonding with Hardik Pandya. Perhaps he is suffering the consequences of this.

Sources close to Ishan said that as per the instructions of BCCI, Ishan Kishan is currently practicing continuously at NCA Bangalore to improve his performance. Let us tell you that at present Ishan is facing challenges from faces like Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson in Team India. But, his fans are hopeful that Ishan will join Team India soon.

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