Is she a girl or a marigold flower, seeing Janhvi Kapoor's flower-like beauty in a saree made the heart beat faster

Ananya Shroff
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Janhvi Kapoor is such an actress who always keeps herself updated with the latest fashion. This is the reason why girls consider her as a style inspiration. The biggest specialty of Janhvi's fashion is that on one hand, while clothes reflecting extremely western culture are seen, on the other hand, clothes reflecting Indian tradition are also seen.

Although Jhanvi looks amazing in every kind of clothes, but when she steps out wearing Indian attire, her beauty doubles. The latest example of this was her look during Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's Haldi ceremony.

The young actress did not choose bold clothes but she definitely made a choice in colour. Draped in a marigold coloured saree, the beauty looked so beautiful that it was impossible to take your eyes off her once you saw her. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@janhvikapoor,Yogen Shah)

Light weight fabric, beautiful embroidery

The fabric of the saree worn by Janhvi Kapoor looked like chiffon, which is very light in texture and weight. It also feels very soft on the skin. This saree had a texture of vines and leaves, which was enhancing its beautiful look.

Added bling like this

To add shine to the saree, pearl work was done on it, which was shining brightly in the light. The golden stone border on the hemline was giving it a beautiful look. To make the pallu more beautiful, tassels were attached on the edge, on which pearls of the same color as the saree were threaded.

Attractive blouse design

Attractive blouse design

Janhvi Kapoor wore a full sleeve blouse with this saree. Its neckline was kept deep square cut and golden work was done on the bust portion. Sheer fabric was used to give a delicate touch to the sleeves and lace, tassels and beads were used on it.

Janhvi Kapoor hugged her father Boney like this

Styles of Wearing Saree

Styles of Wearing Saree

This whole look could have been quite simple, but do you know what brought life into it? The answer is its draping style. Jhanvi wore the saree normally from the bottom, but she did not hide the curves of her waist by taking the pallu on the upper part. This added a sensual touch to the overall look.

No jewelry, flawless makeup

No jewelry, flawless makeup

To complete this look, Boney Kapoor's daughter wore very little jewellery. She wore only studded earrings and diamond and emerald rings on her hands. She kept her makeup glossy and natural. Janhvi's thick hair was in a straight and sleek style, which was highlighting the cut of her face.

Overall, this yellow colored saree look gave a very beautiful look to Jhanvi Kapoor on one hand and on the other hand it also gave great fashion goals to others.

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