Is ISI's Falcon 50 project being successful? Are the serial blasts in Jammu part of some big plan?

Ananya Shroff
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Is ISI's Falcon 50 project being successful? Are the serial blasts in Jammu part of some big plan?

New Delhi: There was a plan to terrorize people with terrorist attacks during the Lok Sabha elections, but it was not successful then. Now when they are somehow crossing the border, a series of attacks has started in Jammu. First the attack on the bus of devotees in Reasi, then firing in Kathua and then the attack on the army post in Doda, these terrorist incidents are pointing towards something or the other. According to the news website Aaj Tak, Pakistan is directly behind all these attacks. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has changed its strategy. Under the new strategy, ISI is moving ahead with the plan to spread terror in Jammu region instead of Kashmir valley.

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ISI's Project Falcon 50

Aaj Tak has reported quoting sources that ISI has launched 'Falcon 50' project to target Jammu. Under this, groups of terrorists are being trained in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and as soon as the opportunity arises, the terrorists who have become expert in bloodshed are sent across the border. According to sources, the border adjacent to Samba sector of Jammu has become a base for Pakistani terrorists these days. Groups of terrorists there wait day and night to cross the border. ISI's plan was to create an atmosphere against the government by carrying out terrorist attacks during the first Lok Sabha elections, but then it was not successful in sending terrorists across the border. Now when Pakistan-sponsored terrorists have succeeded in crossing the border, three consecutive incidents have come to light.

Pakistan is scared of the changed mood of Jammu and Kashmir

In fact, Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections are going to be held in a few months after the Lok Sabha elections. Pakistani agency ISI is seeing this as an opportunity. Fearing that the voting record in Jammu and Kashmir was broken in the Lok Sabha elections, Pakistan wants to ensure that the people of Jammu and Kashmir do not lose faith in democracy. That is why it wants to create an atmosphere of fear among the people through the barbarity of bloodshed so that the voters stay hidden in their homes during the assembly elections.

Terrorists will continue to meet their end

Pakistan wants that the dreams of the common people who are dreaming of development by coming out of the atmosphere of fear after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir should be shattered. For this purpose, it is trying to show through terrorist attacks that the claim of peace coming to Jammu and Kashmir after the removal of Article 370 is false. It is trying to mislead the people of the state as well as the international community. The ISI, which is trying to achieve its objective through the Falcon 50 project, is continuously facing defeat. The Indian Army is searching for the terrorists and eliminating them.

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