Interview: The story of Chandan Kumar who filled the emotions in Panchayat 3, said- I enjoy the memes, not the idea

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Are you watching Vinod…no one will go before time…hold a meeting, play a meeting…how long should I count, every few minutes you will see a meme on one of these dialogues on social media. In some memes, the secretary will be seen surprised and worried, somewhere Prahlad will be seen showing his prowess and somewhere 'Banaras' Bhushan will be seen making a face…, the magic that the characters, scenes and dialogues of the web series Panchayat have done on people, such success is rarely seen. Since the release of Panchayat in the year 2020, most of the memes are being made on the dialogues and scenes of this series, especially on political topics and the credit for this magic goes to its writer and co-producer Chandan Kumar. In a special conversation with us, he made many interesting revelations about the formation of this Panchayat and its development.

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Starting with a small idea

Chandan Kumar tells about the beginning of Panchayat, 'This story started with a one-liner that a man from the city goes to work in the village. After that it was developed that for what work he goes to the village, then the idea of ​​​​Gram Panchayat came to mind. Then there will be Pradhan, Deputy Pradhan, Secretary and Assistant in the Gram Panchayat. After that the story was woven around the work of the Panchayat. The rest, the story fit, the casting was right, so people liked it. When Panchayat came, crime thrillers were dominating OTT. The village was also missing from the big screen, so how did the idea of ​​​​making a village story come up? On this, Chandan Kumar says, films like Swades have been made on villages before, but yes, at that time people were not making them or if someone made them, then it did not work. Sometimes some things go out of fashion, but I myself am from Patna. My village was nearby. Mummy, Mummy Papa lived there, so I used to go there often. Our director Deepak Mishra is also from a village near Banaras, so we found the idea right and we started working. There was no agenda to bring about any change, there was no agenda to change the face of the village. I was enjoying writing, I felt that there was something new. Then the people at the company liked it and the series started. Then our country has such a large rural population, people living in cities must also be connected to the villages in some way or the other and the way the internet has reached every village today, we were confident that this was going to be exciting.

I avoid straying from the path

After the series has become so popular, has it become more challenging to think in which direction to take the story forward? And based on the many memes that are being made, do you keep people's preferences in mind while writing further? On asking this, Chandan says, 'There are challenges, but a blueprint is decided from the beginning, I try to follow that. I avoid deviations according to preferences. Like, it was known from the beginning that there is a Panchayat, so after a point there will be elections, this was the thought from the beginning. That's why things related to elections were shown in the first season and gradually we moved towards the elections. In the next season, elections will be at the center. We did not do that if people are liking the love story then focus on that. We also like memes but do not make it the basis. We do this much based on people's feedback, like in the first season people liked Bhushan, so in the next season we needed a rival against Pradhan, so we pitted him against us. When people are liking him then why bring a new character. This season, the firing track in the village seemed strange to some people. On this, he says, 'Now there will be no firing, whatever was to happen has happened. However, only one bullet has been fired which has hit the Pradhan and the weight of this bullet will be seen in the next season. We did this because an impact point was needed, otherwise the election would have been very dull.'

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Emphasis on the journey of each character, whether big or small

Apart from the main characters of the series, every character from 'Banarakas' Bhushan to Vinod, Bam Bahadur is on everyone's tongue. Many dialogues are the favorite of meme makers. Talking about the hard work and struggle behind making them, Chandan Kumar says, 'I try to ensure that every character has an arc, a journey, a purpose, a struggle. For example, if there is Vinod, what will be his story? His toilet will not be built, someone will provoke him and he will protest. Similarly, there is Bam Bahadur, whose pigeon was brought, it died, he was getting threats so he took a side. Secondly, there should be a connection with them. For example, you will find people like Bhushan everywhere. It is not that such people are only in villages. If you look in the office, you will see a man who has a problem with everything. Apart from this, if the writing is right, the casting is right, then the audience enjoys it. As far as dialogues are concerned, hard work has definitely been done on it. While writing some dialogues, I felt that people will like them, some are surprise hits. Like, look Vinod, this was a normal conversation, but it touched people's hearts. And, no one leaves before time… While writing this too, I felt that it will have a good impact.'

Every filmmaker needs a good story

There is always a cry of lack of good original writers in the industry, while many good writers do not even get opportunities. What does Chandan Kumar have to say on this situation of writers? On this, he says, 'Good writers are needed. My experience on OTT has been very good so far. I also get calls from outside production houses, because everyone is looking for a good story. There will not be any production house that would want a good story to slip out of its hands. What happens is that sometimes the story does not excite at the script level and sometimes something goes wrong in the making. The success rate in this field is anyway low. When everything is right, the script is right, the casting is right, the execution is also right, then things work out, but I know that a lot of work is still going on. People are working everywhere. They are making different stories. Everyone is also learning in this, so gradually the quality content will increase.

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