Interview: I have never been under pressure of right or wrong, now I don't use heroines as fillers – Mona

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Mona Singh, who got married at the age of 39, believes that women should live their lives and learn from their mistakes. Mona, who played Aamir Khan's mother in Lal Singh Chaddha, is playing the role of Abhay Verma's mother in the upcoming film Munjya. Conversation with her.

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Even after crossing forty today, you are seen in strong roles. You got married at the age of 39. You should be proud of living your life the way you want?
-The truth is that I never took the pressure of society. My parents always supported me. When I was not married, people used to constantly ask me when are you getting married? But I never came under the pressure of what is right and what is wrong? I lived my life. I learned from my mistakes myself. My challenges, risks, everything was my own. No one guided me. Talking about my career, today not only OTT but also in films, such a time has come where women are not being taken just for filler, put dance here or put this for glamour. Now women are getting countless colors to play. They are not just positive or negative. If you watch Made in Havan or Kafas or Kaali Paani, you will see fifty shades in my role. In this film too, I have played a solid character of Bittu's mother. Now she is not just a girl trapped in trouble that someone will come and save her. Now she is not only protecting herself but also others. We are seeing this change not only in entertainment but also in society.

You are a very strong woman, but what do you dislike about women in general?
-What I object to the most is that women are always told what to do and what not to do. Where to go, whom to marry, where to work, everything is told. It is very important to understand that this is our life, let us live it. Let us make our mistakes. Don't cut our wings. Let us fly. Now you see, we can even fly aeroplanes. We women are capable in every way.

From TV to films and OTT, you are constantly active. Where do you enjoy the most?
-I like acting the most, no matter what the medium is. An actor's dream is to do different kinds of roles and I am living that dream. I came to Mumbai years ago so that I can hear action, cut every day. For me, the medium has never been such that I do only TV or OTT or films. I started with the small screen. After that I took a break because I did everything on TV. I also worked in theater. Then came OTT. I am thankful to OTT that I am able to play such strong characters on this platform. I am getting films. I have been in the industry for 20 years, so now I am experimenting.

When did you face the most difficulty in your career?
-After Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, a difficult phase of my career started. Things should have become easier, but that show and its fame had become so much that I felt that I should not do TV after this, because every show of mine will be compared to Jassi. I had become a little away from TV serials. I was the winner of reality dance show like Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and I also hosted shows like Comedy Notice Live and Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega. I worked in serials only after a gap. The time after Jassi was very difficult for me. I used to think for a long time what next?

Your film 'Munjya' is based on supernatural events. Do you believe in ghosts?
-I think whatever horror or fear there is, it is in your mind. By the way, I am very scared of horror films. I remember, when we were small and used to go out to play, the lights of our stairs did not turn on till seven o'clock. When I had to go to my house from the stairs after playing, I always felt that someone was following me. At that time, to get rid of the fear, I used to run down the stairs saying 'Wahe Guru Wahe Guru'. Even today I am very scared of horror films. I always start imagining that there is someone under the bed. There is someone behind the curtain. We had a lot of fun during the shooting of the film. We were imagining our CGI (computer generated) actor everywhere. This film is also perfect for an audience like me because it has a good mix of horror and comedy. Otherwise people like me do not go to watch horror.

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