Intermediate 11th Stream: Science, Arts or Commerce… Which subject is best in 11th, how to choose?

Orhan Wadia
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Understand all three streams

First, let's understand the three streams. Science consists of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Maths. This leads to careers in fields like engineering, medicine, research.

Arts has subjects like literature, history, political science, sociology. Along with this, one can also go into fields like journalism, law, social service, art.

Commerce includes subjects like accountancy, economics, business studies. This leads to careers in fields like commerce, finance, banking, management, business.

Assess your interest and ability

Now comes the turn to test your interest and ability. Which subjects do you like? What are you good at? Science will be good for those children who like to experiment and learn new things.

Art is a good choice for kids who are creative and like to think. If you love numbers and are interested in business, commerce is for you.

Seek advice from teachers and counselors

Seek advice from teachers and counselors

Also think about your career. Which field do you want to go into? Which one has more prospects? Take advice from teachers and counselors. Just interest is not enough, what is your method of study?

Some students are good in theory, while some are good in practical. Choose what you like. Also keep in mind that there are many ways to progress in every field. Do not take any decision under the pressure of society or friends. Know your choice, know your strength.

The stream might change later

The stream might change later

Choosing an intermediate stream is not a lifelong decision. Many institutes also provide the opportunity to change the stream later. Accept the change in your mind, recognize new opportunities.

Overall, choosing a stream is an important decision. Make this decision keeping in mind your interest, ability and goal. Think with an open mind, take advice and move forward.

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