Insects will not breed in the semolina kept in the kitchen, try Chef Pankaj's method today.

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Whether you want to make a spicy breakfast in the morning or want to eat something sweet, it does not take much time to make different dishes like upma and halwa from semolina. Semolina, which removes every tension, is therefore very important for women in the kitchen. But when insects start appearing in the already stored semolina, the whole mood gets spoiled. If such a problem occurs repeatedly, then a solution has to be found.

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If the box of semolina kept in your kitchen often gets infested with insects, then now you don't need to worry about it. Because Master Chef Pankaj Bhadoria has given tips to protect semolina from insects. These are very easy to follow and with their help your problem will also be solved.

Learn from Chef Pankaj

Roasting the semolina is a must

Chef Pankaj Bhadoria tells that to protect semolina from insects, put it in a pan and lightly dry roast it before storing. Then cool the semolina and store it in a box. Actually, roasting dries up the moisture present in the semolina, which prevents insects from attacking it at all.

Leaves of the Neem tree

Apart from Chef Pankaj Bhadoria's tips, you can also protect semolina from insects using neem leaves. For this, after keeping the semolina in an airtight container, put 10 to 12 neem leaves in it. During this, keep in mind that there should be no moisture in the neem leaves at all.

Mint leaves

Like neem leaves, mint is also very useful. Semolina can also help you in protecting it from insects. For this, while storing semolina, put 10 to 12 mint leaves in the container. Actually, the fragrance of mint is very strong, which will work to protect the semolina from insects.

Bay leaf

Due to insects, the nutrients present in semolina gradually start to get destroyed, in such a situation, bay leaves can help you a lot. Because it is fragrant, insects run away due to its fragrance. Therefore, while storing semolina, keep bay leaves in it. By doing this, the problem of insects will also be solved.

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