Indore in the grip of these diseases along with dengue cases, patients are increasing rapidly in the hospital

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Reappearance of Seasonal Diseases: A Concern for the City | Dengue Cases

The city is currently grappling with the resurgence of seasonal diseases after a prolonged period of relative calm. The resurgence has brought about the emergence of five distinct seasonal diseases, creating a significant impact on the local populace. While instances of conjunctivitis and dengue fever patients inundating hospitals were prevalent, there is now an evident surge in cases of vomiting-diarrhea and viral infections among those seeking medical attention.

Widespread Effect and Recovery Period

This outbreak is observed across more than 100 areas, including Chandan Nagar, Khajrana, Azad Nagar, Cantonment, Aerodrome, Musakhedi, and Malharganj. Individuals afflicted by these diseases are reporting a recovery period of approximately five days. Over the past two days, the cumulative count of patients seeking treatment has surpassed 1500 at MY Hospital and Chacha Nehru Hospital. When factoring in district hospital figures and patients from various other government hospitals, the total number surpasses 3500.

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Prompt Response from Health Authorities about Dengue Cases

The surge in patients is not confined to specific healthcare facilities. Alongside MY Hospital and District Hospital, Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya, Lal Hospital Hukumchand Polyclinic, and even Primary Health Centers have observed an influx of patients seeking relief. MY Hospital alone is witnessing an inflow of over 500 patients on a daily basis. In light of this situation, Dr. S. Saitya, the District Health Officer, emphasizes that the shifting weather patterns are contributing to the spike in cases within Indore. The health department remains vigilant, having made necessary arrangements across all government hospitals. The rise in cases of vomiting-diarrhea and dengue underscores the importance of adopting preventive measures to mitigate the impact of such seasonal ailments.

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