India will participate in Switzerland peace talks, but it is not decided who will be the representative

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New Delhi: India will participate in the peace summit being held in Switzerland on June 15-16 regarding the Ukraine and Russia dispute. Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra said in a press conference on Thursday that India will participate in this conference, but there is no clarity yet on who will go to the resort city of Bergenstock for representation. Let us tell you that even before the election results came out, the Prime Minister had said in a conversation with the media that India would participate in the peace talks conference. However, China has distanced itself from this conference by saying that it does not want to be a part of any such talks in which both the parties are not involved. On May 24, China and Brazil have also signed a joint statement, which advocates that the conflict should be ended only with the participation of both Russia and Ukraine.

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Ukrainian President Zelensky has appealed to India to join it
In fact, Ukrainian President Zelensky has appealed to India several times to participate in this conference, even in his congratulatory message after PM Modi won the election, Zelensky had said that he discussed the upcoming global peace agreement with PM Modi and we believe in India's important role. However, despite Western pressure, India has so far described wars on every international forum as irrelevant in today's world, while it has maintained a diplomatic balance regarding the Ukraine-Russia conflict. This time too, there is an undeclared pressure on India from the Western bloc, including Ukraine, to play an active role in the peace talks. This can be gauged from the fact that after Switzerland announced the organization of the conference in January, the Swiss Foreign Minister had expressed hope for India's participation during the visit of External Affairs Minister Jaishankar to India.

Prime Minister Modi also spoke to Zelensky
A few days later, PM Modi spoke to Zelensky along with Putin and congratulated the Russian President on winning the elections in his country. Posting about his conversation on Instagram, the PM said that 'India will continue to support all efforts for peace and to end the ongoing conflict as soon as possible. Recently, after the visit of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, Swiss Foreign Secretary Alexander Fasle visited India. He had emphasized that India should join it. That is, there has been an undeclared pressure on India to join this peace talks. However, in the meantime, Russia has said many times that the discussion related to ending the war in Ukraine can be successful only when Russia's interests are taken care of, while Putin has already said that there can be no peace until Russia's objective is met.

India will try to achieve two objectives
It is not being made clear from India's side whether the PM will go to this summit or not, if someone other than the PM is sent for this meeting then it is certain that India wants to achieve two objectives through this, first India wants to indicate that it will participate in the summit i.e. Zelensky's point was also taken into consideration and due to the absence of the supreme leadership, there has been no change in its foreign policy towards Russia and in such a situation the balance of foreign policy will remain intact.

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