India-China Politics | China Releases New Map Claiming Indian Territories, India Responds

Ronit Kawale
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China Asserts Claims on Indian Territories

While China continues to assert its claims on areas like Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin, it has now taken the step of incorporating these regions into its official map, justifying it as a routine action. The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated on August 30 that releasing the 2023 edition of China’s map is a regular process, aligning with its stance on sovereignty and integrity.

China Justifies the Move as Normal Process

Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, emphasized that the map’s release follows standard procedure. China views these territories as legally belonging to its sovereignty. He added, “We hope that the concerned side (India) will remain calm on this issue and refrain from talking much on it.”

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India’s Response and Counterargument

China’s official map, released on August 28, depicted Indian regions like Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin, Taiwan, and the disputed South China Sea within its territory. Responding to this, India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar categorized this as a recurring pattern from China, asserting that their claims hold no ground.

Jaishankar reaffirmed that Aksai Chin and Ladakh have, are, and will remain integral parts of India. He emphasized that China’s practice of drawing maps depicting parts of India has no substantial impact. The Indian government maintains a clear position on this matter, rejecting the notion that claims can transform others’ territories into one’s own.

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