In this country marriages happen with dead bodies, qualities are also matched

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Marriage is such an unbreakable bond that it is said that it is a relationship that lasts for seven lives. But what about those who died without getting married? What if two dead people are married! You may find this strange or we may think it is crazy to say this, but it is true.

There is a country where living people are married to dead bodies, even perfect matches are found for the dead bodies. You must be wondering in which country this happens and how it happens, so without wasting much time, let us tell you how marriages of dead people used to happen earlier. (Photo courtesy: Pixabay)

What is ghost marriage?

The practice of marrying dead people is from China, which is called Ghost Wedding. The followers of this practice, which has been going on for 3000 years, say that by doing this, unmarried people do not remain alone after death. Earlier, living people used to marry dead people. But recently, after some changes in it, such rituals have also been added in which a living person is married to a dead person.

Even in haunted weddings, pairing happens

Let us tell you that just like common people look for a perfect match for a boy or a girl before marriage, in China also the family of the dead bride and groom appoint a Feng Shui master to work as a match-maker.

The practice of dowry is prevalent even among dead people

The practice of dowry is prevalent even among dead people

Whether it is the olden times or the present times, the practice of taking dowry does not seem to end anywhere. In such a situation, it seems a bit strange to hear that the practice of giving dowry is prevalent even among dead people, but it is not beyond the thinking of the society.

In a haunted wedding between two dead people, the bride's family demands a price for her, which includes jewelry, servants and a mansion. But let us tell you that all this is done only as a paper tribute.

After marriage they are buried in the same grave

After marriage they are buried in the same grave

In a normal marriage, the wife moves to her husband's house after the wedding and then they live together. The same is the case with this Chinese ghost marriage, which usually involves funeral rituals and a meal for the bride and groom. The most special part of this marriage is that the bride's bones are dug up and placed inside the groom's grave.

This practice also occurs in Fiji.

This practice also occurs in Fiji.

Just like ghost marriages in China, cremation marriages are also done in Fiji. There is a belief that the gods and goddesses of those who die without getting married torment their souls. That is why this tradition of marriages has been going on for centuries in Fiji.

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